My Favorite Whey Protein

Most people miss out on getting enough protein after a workout! That's a fact and it means that they won't get the full benefits of weight lifting and muscle building.

If you want to BUILD muscle you must consume at least 2 grams of protein per kilogram body weight a day.

If your body weight is e.g. 175 lb. = 80 kilos you must consume at least 160 grams of protein in a day. That’s 5.7 ounces and it is actually a lot!

Whey Protein is the Solution

Unless you eat almost extreme amounts of very protein rich foods like meat, eggs etc. you won’t be able to meet he desired amount of protein in a day.

Whey protein is your friend! Be aware, that the quality varies quite a lot. You can buy some pretty cheap stuff and even some drinks. DON’T!

The protein drinks are almost always packed with sugar and very low-quality protein.

Instead buy a good Whey. And be smart: Buy in bulk (it won’t go stale on you).

My favorite Whey comes in a huge variety of flavors. My favorite is coffee but I’m sure you can find yours amongst the more than 15 different flavors.

I buy mine in 5 lb. cans and I save a ton of money compared to the small containers you can buy in grocery stores.

If you are a chocolate lover this flavor is a hit:

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