Decorate Your Walls With These Trendy Patterns!

When I say shop smarter and not harder this is what I mean by it. If you are in the middle of redecorating your house and don't have enough to do your walls because you've already dived into your savings and you are spending more then you thought. Your problem is solved with the affordable and array of designs to choose from, wall sticker will be your best friend. Even though I consider it a temporary fixer, however I still think it's the best solution.

Wall stickers were considered a kids thing but now that home decor is constantly changing, they are very unique, fun and millions of designs you can choose from. All you need to know is the measurements of your wall and what kind of sticker you want to choose. If you want a little advice, I would go with something that you can look at for a year or however long it takes you to save up for remodeling.They are not hard to apply but the bigger the decor the harder it will be to change up.

There are other ways you can decorate your room. For example, buying a house plant that can be put in the corner of the room or grabbing a painting[s] to bedazzle your wall. It all depends on what you are into. So here are few of my favorites that I thought my fashionistas would like. Scroll down for the good stuff 🙂

3D Galaxy Pattern $7.45
Charming Eyes Pattern $5.13
10 Pcs Bohemian Pattern $14.56
Brick Stones Printed $4.96
Wooden Door Print $19.07
Retro Book-rack Print $19.31
Couple Kissing $5.56
Bathroom Wall Stickers $5.12
Giraffe Monkey Height Stickers $5.23
Faux Window Building Printed $19.83
Dinosaur 3D Pattern $5.81
Retro Wooden Board $17.23

End Note:

I like using wall stickers at home to not only decorate but to hide any unwanted dents, scratches or holes. You can easily make the kids room entertaining, fun and bright. I consider it an affordable investment that will make your house a home. Happy shopping!!

XoXo Nina

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