My top 3 Favorite Hair, Skin and Well-Being Stores!

I think this is one of my favorite articles because it has everything to do with taking care of your body. Yes! Your body needs attention more than you think. Sometimes it get's frustrating finding right products or ways to take care of yourself. Your worries are over! Vanity Planet and bareMinerals have you covered with the best products and solutions to your problems. I'm not going to lie, this is the first time I really have checked them out and my cart is loaded and ready to go.


I have heard about bareMinerals when they first became popular. When it comes to mineral makeup, they are the best in business. Other companies are hurrying to come up with foundations to compare to bareMinerals but no one can beat the best. They have grown so much since the first launch of their brand. Now carrying more than foundations and eye shadows, they have dominated the fresh makeup look for women.

It was first launched in 1995 as an effort to create makeup that will most likely cause breakouts or irritation of the skin. If you have sensitive skin and have hard time finding makeup to suit your skin type, I would check out bareMinerals products.

Their products came in a powder form to avoid chemical fillings. They do a lot to insure that their products are a pure as they can get. Here are some of my favorites and I hope you can find your fit with a vast array of products.

The reason I love Safe & Chic is because their products are free of toxins, parabens and other dangerous chemical that is so bad for your skin. They examine thier products overall hazar for cancer development toxicity. I mean they are truly good at what they do and the best part is they love what they do, always improving and taking care of their customers like no other.

They offer elite shopping with over 1700 products such as beauty, skin and hair. The main reason why I respect this brand is because their products where never tested on animals. That just melts my heart. So while we are awing and grabbing some tissues, let's scroll down and see what Safe & Chic products are all about 🙂

End Note

These two brands that are my favorites because they have everything I need as a woman. I hope you can find your fit since they care every type of shades and colors. I have mentioned earlier that if you have sensitive skin, you should definitely use bareMinerals products to prevent any irritation or allergic reactions. Happy Shopping!!

XoXo Nina

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