10 Useful Kitchen Gadgets For Your Home

When we set up our kitchen we usually get the kitchen essentials such as pans, knives/forks, plates, cups etc. but no one ever explores past those necessities. Just like fashion trend constantly changes so do the kitchen accessories. People have invented very helpful and fun items that can make your everyday life easier to deal with. Especially moms with more than one kid, these kitchen gadgets will help you out like no other.

Top 10 Gadgets

Kitchen gadgets come in different categories. Each category fits different types of people. For example, I am not  a good cook and It’s usually my boyfriends loves to mix up different types of cuisines in the kitchen while I patiently wait and drool next to the food.  He likes to eat Italian food and I have noticed that he was having a hard time draining the noddles so I went on investigating and I found a perfect solution for him.

Pasta Drainer

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Fast Cut Herb Tool

This tool is a must in the kitchen and perfect for making fresh lasagna, soups, or just cutting up herbs for any dish. It has a stainless steel blades that are super super sharp and with that being said it comes with the cover as well. Super easy to clean and very light to hold so your hand never gets tired of chopping.

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Bag Re-sealer

Do I need to say more. I have thrown out so many chip bags because they weren’t sealed well enough causing them stale. With the bag sealer it creates an airtight seal keeping everything fresh and crispy. If you don’t own it, BUY IT NOW!!

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Vegetable Chopper

Quickest way to dice up veggies, fruits and even cheese. This tool help quickly prepare for dinner without wasting time on cutting up the ingredients.

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The Dipr

My favorite kitchen tool. Why? because everyone needs an easier way to dunk their Oreo’s in the milk.

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Microwave Cover

How many of you had a problem with the food splattering in the microwave?! I know I have about a million times until I discovered the microwave cover. With the help of this awesome tool, my microwave is clean and looks brand new not to mention no more cleaning the damn thing. Problem solved!

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Dish Drainer

This kitchen gadget will save you money and paper towels. As i mention earlier since I don’t cook, I am more of a helping hand in the kitchen. So after every meal I clean the dishes and dry them with paper towels which we know they cost $12 dollars for a pack of 8. Using the dish drainer, I avoid using the towels and the dishwasher leaving me to dry the dishes naturally.

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Food Sprayer

This is a fun tool to use when cooking. It turns your fresh citrus into a spray within minutes so you don’t have to deal with the struggle of squeezing out the juice manually. Perfect for salads or seasoning the meat.

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Butter Cutter

If you are a morning person that takes time to eat breakfast this one is for you. The butter cutter is perfect for morning toast or an english muffin. This tool gives you perfect cube of butter enough for the pieces of toast, waffles or muffins.

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Avocado Slicer

I love avocados but hate slicing them. I am not sure if it’s because i don’t cook or it’s just hard to cut up avocados, either way this slicer does magic. I like to eat Avocados in the morning with toast, salt/pepper and eggs. Yummmy!! However, I don’t eat it as often as i should because of how long it takes to prepare the whole meal. This baby will cut your time in half and let you enjoy your breakfast the way you should.

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End Note

Whether your the chef of the household or just the helping hand, these cool kitchen gadgets will make your cooking life easier for half the time. Even though some of you are able to cook delicious meals by using a knife and a pan, still these tools can give you an extra hand with completing the meal on time.

XoXo Nina

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