Unique Halloween Costumes of 2021!

Happy Halloween fashionistas! The scariest day of the year, as well as the official holiday for those of us who have a sugar craving. Halloween is the best time to reveal your wild alter-ego you typically keep hidden. Sure, we enjoy simple DIY costumes, sexy costumes, and couples costumes but every now and then you might feel the urge to try something new. I've compiled a list of creative Halloween costume ideas that you might enjoy in 2021.

Halloween Costumes 2021
Halloween Costumes 2021

Mona Lisa Costume

This costume was bar far my favorite. I've received so many compliments because how unique this look was. Of course I made my boyfriend dress up as Leonardo Da Vinci - the creator of this master piece. It has a strap on the back of it that goes around your head and the for the frame you just inflate it.

It's a great Halloween costume if you're looking for something unique to wear. I got both of our outfits from Amazon and I used Amazon prime for faster delivery. Shop my look below.

Halloween Costumes 2021

Blue Dream RX Bottle

I wore this costume when I was working at a dispensary. It's a fun way to celebrate the marijuana movement on Halloween with a funny adults weed costume. RX weed bottle Blue Dream is a one piece tunic, one size fits most adults. Have some fun on Halloween 2021 by dressing up as an RX blue dream bottle!

Halloween Costumes 2021

Game Of Thrones

Most talked about show in 2019, The Game of Thrones. It may be finished, but there are plenty of Game of Thrones costumes to go around. Because Halloween is the night of darkness and full of terrors, don't be afraid to embody the Seven Kingdoms' darker side and go full White Walker, or bring back one of the adored characters from previous seasons. I'm sure the show's actual costumes took hundreds of hours to create, these Game of Thrones Halloween costumes can be purchased from Amazon.

Kim Kardashian MET Balenciaga look

Kim K. Balenciaga Look

The ensemble that sparked thousand memes on social media, Kim Kardashian MET look designed by Balenciaga. This one should go without saying, but you'll need black clothing from head to toe. Just in time for spooky season, you can now get her look for less.You can purchase similar pieces from Amazon. This is what you'll need:

Squid Game Costume

Squid Game

Netflix's Squid Game drew 142 million viewers so it was no surprise that Squid Game costume will be one of the top trending Halloween costumes this year. Here are the best Squid Game costume options on Amazon, Because the characters typically wear regular clothes and masks, putting together a costume at the last minute is rather simple. Consider one of these Squid Game Halloween costumes if you haven't decided what you'll be this year.

Dolls Kill Costumes

I love Dolls Kill clothing it looks so good and you always leave your friends wanting to know where you got your clothes but this time they'll be asking about your costume! Dolls Kill is known for festival, streetwear, goth, punk, edgy and eccentric styles. Its my newest obsession so I wanted to share it with you. Despite the fact it can be a little pricey its still worth it because they’re pieces are hard to come by and super unique. Who doesn't want to be unique on Halloween?! Here are my favorite costumes for Halloween:

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