3 Zara Like Retailers That You’ll Love

Zara is one of my favorite brands that I truly love and appreciate their styles. It is owned by Spanish fast fashion retailer and today it's one of the most exciting brands in retail. There are lots of reasons why!

Their fashion is picked out for a broad spectrum of customers with different cultures and age groups. My mom and I can both leave ZARA store with both hands full of clothes. Their fashion really works for everyone and offers prices that you just can't beat.

ZARA's fashion-forward styles are super chic and super fun. However, you can have the latest and the hottest piece of the brand but other fashionistas will have the same pieces as you. No worries, there are other ways to get similar ZARA styles and their vibe.

Below I've compiled my favorite editor-approved retailers and my personal go-to's. This is where I go if I want to get some inspiration or see what's trending in the fashion industry. Let's Explore.

#1. Few Moda

If you are looking for clothes that are for young professionals with a twist of chic designs, Few Moda is the perfect place to shop.  They have an amazing selection of working attire and weekend looks to style up your days with the trendy pieces. Fashionable?! Yes! They're super stylish yet very unique. This is why I love Few Moda.

They are New York based company that constantly works on grabbing the latest and hottest styles for us. These are contemporary styles with distinct details to provide the Vogue fashion for every aspect of our life. So here are few of the favorites that I couldn't resist:

#2. Front Row Shop

Front Row shop is the buzz-worthy shopping spot!! Shanghai based label carries incredible fashion items inspired by the fashion runway shows. The best of all the prices they offer aren't even close to what you'd expect to pay for the stuff that looks this fashionable.

Below I picked out my favorite items from Front Row Shop but there is a lot more to explore.

End Note

These two shops can literally refresh your wardrobe with fashionable, and unique items with prices you can't beat. Happy shopping my fashionistas!

XoXo Nina

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