Top 7 Hair Accessories You Should Own

Hair accessories don’t always have to make a big statement but it is nice to look at a women who take their time to style their hair. It doesn’t matter if you change your hair color or your style, you should never forget about hair accessories before leaving the house. With constant change in trends, these are the latest gorgeous accessories from my favorite brand Asos that you should definitely keep an eye out.

Hair Accessories

Let’s start with a simple hair bun style. I love wearing buns when my hair is in the way and it takes seconds to pull of the messy bun look. However, if I have a dinner date and I am having one of those hair moments, I like to do a bloggers bun. It is pretty much a low slung bun. You can make it simple or add little volume to the bun. Now the real question is how are you going to accessorize it?

Asos has some great choices to pick from and here are some of ninko’s picks I hope you will like it!!

Low slung bun (a.k.a bloggers bun):

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Bun Styles

Braided Styles

Hair Down Styles

Half Up/Half Down

Hair Bands

Scarf Bands

Ponytail Styles

End Note

Skip the boring hair and go for fun and stylish hair accessories that will make any outfit shine. It doens’t have to be a statement accessory however, taking your time to do your hair is a must. The great thing about the Asos hair accessories is that it can bedazzle simple straight hair or a bun style anytime. Click the pictures and get searching. Find your perfect style with ninko to guide you towards the right decision. 🙂

XoXo Nina

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