The Road to Freedom

One might think, that discipline in everyday life equals boredom, restraining yourself from happiness and keeping yourself away from joyful experiences. Especially when you are younger this is the most common way to look at the whole concept of being disciplined. Or organized if you prefer. The truth is, that it is the quite opposite! By implementing even a few different ways of looking at obviously boring or annoying duties, everyone can and will experience a true liberation and thus the promised freedom. In this article, that I have the honor of writing for Nina’s blog, I will provide you with a few and pretty easy examples to “take home” and implement.

The Preoccupied Brain

There is one rule that applies to every single human being – young or old, male or female: You only have a certain amount of brain capacity available to handle things. It be to get up in the morning, to remember what you were told in school yesterday, your passwords or whatever. Some people have more capacity than others – absolutely. But we all have a certain limit, and we have to deal with it.

The more “stuff” you have going on in your brain, the more capacity is used to deal with that. And the more capacity being used more or less routinely on issues, problems and challenges – the less capacity is available to evolve, to enjoy, to love and all the other good things, we basically all want to engage in.

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out then:

  • If you can free up brain capacity, you can have more free capacity to LIVE, LOVE and EVOLVE
  • The more capacity free for these things – the more comfortable you’ll be in your own skin
  • Unsolved issues or problems take up around 200% more brain capacity than enjoying a good movie as just one example

The First and Easy Steps

No matter your life situation, there are things, you can deal with now. Today! And by dealing with them, you will gradually build up a routine of “taking care of things” – and the first little miracle happens: It will be your autonomous system taking care of the smaller stuff – meaning that you won’t even notice and more important: You will use practically no brain capacity dealing with things, that a short while ago could stress you for days or even weeks.

Let me give you a few examples – and bear with me, please. I don’t mean to sound like your mom or belittle you in any way. Trust me on this – it actually does work:

  1. Decide to be punctual and on time for meetings, dates, phone calls etc. You have no idea how liberating it will be for you, that you never again have to deal with fabricating excuses for not being on time. And the added bonus for free: People will appreciate that you show them the respect of taking their time serious. Have you ever thought of, that the absolute most efficient way of showing a person that you could not care less of him or her, is to be late? It is! You know why? Because time is the only (and I mean the absolutely only) resource that can never be replenished. Ever! The hour spent on waiting for you being late, is an hour in the person’s life that is forever gone.
  2. Pay your bills on time, if you in any way can. If you can’t pay: Make an arrangement with your creditor. Not only will you relieve yourself from a huge stress factor – you will actually also benefit from a better credit score. Also here is an added bonus: If you always pay your ills on time, it will be a pretty easy thing to get a little extra time to pay, if you hit a dry spot in the cashflow now and then – because you have demonstrated, that you can and will pay.
  3. Break free from the habit of thinking like “It’s only a few bucks” and then end up spending maybe 30 or 40$ a month on stupid games for your phone. Agreed – it can be very funny to play those games. But $40 a month is $480 a year. If you pay taxes (don’t we all?), you actually have to make around $600 to pay those $480. Are you working for $10 per hour, you will have to work 60 hours a year to be able to ply those games. That’s 1.5 work week a year.
    Now be honest: How many of those “It’s only a few bucks” expenses do you have in your life today? I dare you to be honest – then add them together – then calculate the yearly expense for them all + tax. Did you just have a wake-up call? Good – just think about it.
  4. Deal with the small things right away! This is one of my favorite means to obtain more freedom for myself. Let’s say you get mail with some form you have to fill out and return. If you do what most people do, you leave it on the counter to deal with at some later date. Do you realize, that you just occupied a little part of your total brain capacity with that? You might not feel, that you think about that form. It’s safe on the counter and you basically could not care less, right?
    Wrong! Even if you are not aware of it, that form resides in your brain until you have filled it out and mailed it. The solution is easy: Do it right away – or at least the same day. Fill out the form and mail it. And done! It has left your brain.
    Do that with literally everything you can. In the first week or two, it will be a rather annoying duty, but you have my word, that within very short time, you will automatically do it, never stress over it and you will experience a boost in free time, in joy and in increased brain capacity. There is no secret formula or magic. It’s just that simple.

Allow me to recommend a book, that is cheap to buy, easy to read and pretty awakening:

But Where is the Freedom?

Some might think that if you have to be so disciplined – then where is the freedom? I could go on and on telling you about, where it is. Instead I’ll answer with a few questions to you:

  • Where is the freedom in getting payment reminders in your mailbox all the time?
  • Where is the freedom in having a huge stack of mail, that you finally will have to spend a whole (or two) evenings taking care of?
  • Where is the freedom in driving towards an appointment you are late for and desperately figuring out excuses?

I could and I will give you more tips and ideas, if you want me to. Now let me hear from you in the comments below, if you are interested?

In the meantime I’ll provide you with a few more great books. They are all way less boring than they might seem – and they actually can teach you a thing or two:

The Road to Personal Freedom
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The Road to Personal Freedom
Every single person alive can free up time, free up mental capacity and live a happier life. It sounds like an almost impossible dream, but with very few and very easy easy steps it is achievable for everyone.
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