Build Your Wardrobe with Statement and Basic Pieces

"Making a statement" - these exact term seems to be overused in the fashion world. It could be an ad telling you about the "10 Statement Jewelry Pieces To Own" or even you talking to your friend about the attire for the night, it seems like we are constantly trying to make a statement.

However, I can't say that I hate it. It takes a lot of courage to be different in this world and making a statement (being different) isn't a bad thing.

The first time I was introduced to the term was back in 2007 when I was watching TYRA BANKS - AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL show. They were talking about a photo shoot using only statement jewelry pieces. One of the reasons I started watching the show was because of cool make-up and designs they chose to film. It was different and unique.

Let's get thing one thing right about "making a statement": wearing something that's attention grabbing is not something new. Everyone does it including myself however, wearing something bold and unique is something that a lot of people can't do. We imitate the looks we like.

So is making a statement in the fashion world important?! Yes. It doens't matter what industry you are in and if you like clothes or not. Make your own statement and be unique. Clothes and jewelry only give you the push you need to be confident but being unique comes from within.

Statement pieces define your personal style. For example, when I think of Anna Wintour I think of her sunglasses Or the French Vogue Editor, Emmanuelle Alt's collection of jackets. Statement pieces have definitely risen in the fashion world.


Here are some of my favorite pieces from Tbdress. They have everything that will screams "You". These are fashion forward styles that I have recently discovered but I couldn't wait any longer - I had to share it with you.

They make online shopping supper quick and easy and they carry over 10 million products shipped in over 230 countries. In addition to their large array of product, they are super affordable - a big plus for me. Let's check out these awesome styles and statement pieces.


Luvye is becoming one of my favorites because their fashion pieces are simply irresistible. Their online store is filled with season's trendies items, available in all sizes. Below are my few of the favorites that I had to share with you.

Happy Shopping my fashionistas!!

XoXo Nina

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