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Big news my fashionistas!! Target has launched their furniture brand Hearth & Hand with Magnolia and I am totally in love. When I say they are stocked with the cutest pillows, kitchen appliances, living room furniture and different lighting options,  they are super cute and chic.

I love shopping at Target because it's a store that carries everything you need. I was so surprised when I saw the brand new furniture section opened up in the middle of the Target Store. Honestly the way they market their products is like walking into the home furniture heaven.  As seen in the pics below, they created a fake house looking section filled with sparkling, fluffy and colorful home items. It was breathtaking walking through. I had to take picture and let you guys know to check it out.

Hearth & Hand

Hearth & Hand offers great quality furniture and kitchen appliances. I call it the Dream Collaboration because it's easy to access and it's affordable which is the big thing for me. This collection is super popular with fashion loving customers especially with Joanna Gaines collaborating with Target, her huge following will get the word out to a lot of fashionistas that are ready to decorate their home.

Target has always been my favorite because they are always ready to surprise their customers with limited special editions or collaborating with popular designers. Back in 2011 Target launched a clothing brand with Missoni for a limited time. I was living in Orlando going to University of Central Florida and I clearly remember the line that ended in the parking lot. By the time I got in the store, everything was gone but that's okay because I research every month on one time or limited times specials so that I can call dibs on all good stuff.

Missoni is a popular designer and their clothes are expensive($$$) with that being said, when we heard how affordable they made their clothes, everyone jumped on the deal.The point is that you should always keep an eye on Target and their limited special offers.

Below Are few of my favorite items for Hearth & Hand that are absolute must buys!!

Let's Flip!

Galvanized House Lantern Small $19.99

Let's Flip!

Glass Jug Vase Hearth & Hand $16.99

Let's Flip!

Music Note Picutre Frame Wall Art $19.99

Let's Flip!

Charcoal Tripod Table Lamp $49.99

Let's Flip!

Kitchen Towel Set $9.99

Let's Flip!

Candelabra Candle Holder $24.99

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Stoneware Pitcher $19.99

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Eucalyptus Wreath 24" $34.99

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Stoneware Salad Plate $19.99

End Note

I'm always in the process of re-decorating because I get bored with the same look and design. I like to dive into color or even try different themes because why not! With Target being so close to me I'll have more time to spent shopping for the next decor ideas and I can't wait.

With Ninko's few picks I wanted to inspire you for your next home project. With affordable prices and super chic items, there is no reason for you not to click on the pics and start your inspiration. Happy Shopping!!

XoXo Nina

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