Swarovski Jewelry: Luxurious & sparkling!


Luxurious, sparkling and superb quality is just a few words that comes to mind when talking about Swarovski jewelry & crystals. They definitely know how to make a statement by bedazzling the Mercedes SL600 with 300,000 crystals, never seen anything sparkle this much. It is one of the influential names in the jewelry industry.Swarovski stones are the highest quality of glass stones that have the same rich and effective look as diamonds do. They are the perfect pieces to own if you are on a tight budget.

Real quick!
Swarovski crystals are human made lead glass crystals. To create them they use quarts, sand, and minerals; the colors are created using chemical coatings.

Swarovski pieces come in so many designs, colors & effects. Each piece is ideal for day and night wear. I can wear my swan necklace to the beach and later go to dinner with it. The little stones that make up the swan design is so well crafted into the piece that even when I shower, sleep or workout they don’t come off. The chain never irritates my neck or leaves unwanted marks. Swarovski crystals maintain its shine for the life of it so let’s take a look at some of my favorite pieces below.

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