Steve Madden: Boots, Sandals, Pumps and some more…

Got to love my boy Steve! He has been there for me throughout high school, college and most of my adult life. I don't think I have ever gone through a year without owning a pair of Madden stylish shoes. He has more than 320 stores across the world and every single department store carries Steve Madden shoes.  He has done it all!

Madden Girl/Boy

Mr. Madden has conquered the women's shoes industry and has become one of the top fashion entrepreneurs. He knows exactly what the "Steve Madden Girl" looks like, what she wears, and how much money she is willing to spend.

How this brand started was by working hard for his dreams. This UM dropout, for partying too much, got his first job selling shoes at a store on Long Island and later moved to the shoe wholesaler. He spend eight years learning about shoes, how to perfect them. This is where he was inspired to dwell in the shoe business.

He started his company with only $1000 dollars in the bank and selling samples of clog out of his car. He hired his doorman as his chauffeur to drive him to shoe distributors. Loving the effort of Steve Madden. His first company was opened in 1993 the same day he went public with it.

After women's shoes and clothing lines were bringing in the cash, Steve Madden opened up men's shoe line as well. I have mentioned that I don't think there is enough stores for boys to find trendy and affordable styles. Steve Madden touched the consumer group that no one really does. It's always about girls 🙂

Steve Madden makes trendy shoes that are affordable and honestly I can't get enough 🙂

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