Steve Madden: Boots, Sandals, Pumps and more…

You've got to love our boy Steve! His shoes have supported me in my awkward high-school years, college and you can say most of my adult life. I don't think I've ever gone a year without owning a pair of Madden stylish shoes. No one can beat the comfort of his shoes.

Not too long ago I've traveled to Denmark and Sweden. One thing that I was very aware of was the weather. I knew I needed new pair of boots and of course I looked into Steve Madden boots. Found one that I really liked and knew that I was going to keep warm. Everyone knows that once you get the chills in your body, you can't get warm that easily. However, I survived the cold nights thanks to my Steve Madden knee high boots!

Sexy Little Updates:

Madden Girls

Ever wondered why his shoes are so different, comfy and full of sass? Here is his story of becoming one of the top fashion entrepreneurs and best shoe designer in the world.

Steve Madden knows exactly what "Steve Madden Girl" looks likes, what she's wearing and how much money she is willing to spend on pair of fashion shoes. He spend eight years learning about shoes and how to perfect them. This is where he was inspired to dwell in the shoe business once and for all.

Steve Madden was a college dropout who got his first job selling shoes at a store in Long Island and later moved to the shoe wholesaler. Steve started his company with only $1000 dollars in the bank and selling samples of clogs out of his car.

He was so broke that he hired his doorman as his chauffeur to drive him to different shoe distributors. He knew no one was going to take him seriously if he looked like a bum off the street trying to make it in the fashion world. So he did what needed to be done.

His first company was opened in 1993 and on the same day he went public with his brand. Steve Madden touched the consumer group that no one really does. It's always about girls 🙂

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