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Fun Facts:

Steven Madden, the most influential designer, was born in 1958 in Queens, NY. He knows exactly what the "Steve Madden Girl" looks like, what she wears, and how much money she is willing to spend. It took a lot of work for him to achieve what he has today. He was a son of a textile manufacturer. While in high school he got a job working in the shoe store and that's where the whole inspiration of becoming a shoe designer started to brew.

As her grew older, he attended University of Miami but due to partying too much, he was expelled and moved back to New York where he was selling shoes for two years and later moved to the shoe wholesaler. He spent eight years learning about shoes and perfecting them. In 1990 Steve Madden,Ltd. was founded and with only $1000 dollars in his bank account, still nothing could stopped him reaching his goal. I mean he even hired his doorman as his chauffeur to drive him to shoe distributors.

In 1993 he opened his first retail store and today Steve Madden is considered a shoe icon so let's stop chatting and get shopping for the jaw dropping shoe designs:)

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