Betsey Johnson: Statement Jewelry and All!

“Simple is the new black’ is the best statement made in the fashion world.  Every outfit needs a statement piece and it could be anything starting with jewelry and ending it with shoes. The bottom line is that the beauty is in details. In this case, statement necklaces are the best way to spruce up a simple outfit. However, not just any statement necklaces but Betsy Johnson's jewelry pieces.

Betsy Johnson!

Betsy Johnson is the perfect stylists; And by that I mean if you are into unique and and adventuresome fashion she is your gal. Her colorful burst of energy in the fashion world  has brought excitement and liveliness. The woman is not scared to use color and create something so bold and  fearless that will take the fashion trends to another level.

Betsy Johnson is a lively woman who never follows fashion rules. That was one of the things that got me interested in her brand. Below are some fun facts about Betsy that i thought I'd share.

  1. She made her first garment at the age of four. It was an apron and she still has it till this day.
  2.  Jackie Kennedy is one of the celebs that has worn her clothes. She went home with 13 satin crepe bush shirts.
  3. During the fashion week in 2012, Betsy Johnson lived up to her ballsy reputation and did a cartwheel at the end of her show. She's that Betsey.

Now that’s pretty fun and entertaining way to end the fashion show. When you buy her jewelry, shoes or bags you are getting part of her style as well.

Below are my favorite pieces from her collection.


Statement Necklace!

When doing a simple look always try to bedazzle your outfit with a bold necklace or earrings. If you are doing the statement necklace, than avoid wearing earring for the sole reason of making the necklace the focal point of your outfit. Pretty much don't over do it.

Always remember that one piece of jewelry can change your look from classy & chic to tacky & overdone.

When it come to hair, wearing your hair on a ponytail or a bun also give the necklace the spotlight and attention that it needs. I like to match my lips a little with my statement necklace - try and see how you like it.

With all these do’s and don’t, don’t forget that the statement pieces are there to enhance and glamorize the look and also having fun with it.

My favorites are the black bodycon dresses because they are fun to play, easy to style and matches, literally, everything. Jeans and tank tops are mostly matched with more colorful and bright necklace.

Maxi or summer dresses are matched with more relaxed tones. Especially summer dresses that already have so much color you don't want to overdo it with adding more colors. I usually pick one color out of my dress and match it with my necklace.

What Else She Got?!

End Note:

Betsey Johnson continues to dominate the fashion world with her wild ways. Her advice to young designers was to never give up and kick ass!!  Don’t be afraid to express yourself and have fun with it and her fashion can definitely help you with that. Happy shopping fashionistas!

XoXo Nina

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