Soleil Tan De Chanel: Get Natural Sun-kissed Tan and Glow!

Your perfect tan start here with Chanel's Soleil Tan. One of the best beauty products out in the market and not because it's Chanel but because it actually works. It's a creamy light liquid filled with tiny gold flakes, giving you the glowing finished look. It is designed to give you the most natural sun-kissed tan, as if you just came back from a weekend getaway. This product is loved by my family members, bloggers, editors and other fashionistas who want to glow and look sexy.

Soleil Tan De Chanel will brighten your skin and will even out your skin tone. It is extremely beautiful if you have a tanned skin tone and especially if you go out in the sun. You will glow and shimmer.

I mix mine with the foundation and apply it gently on the cheeks and curves of my face. You can use the blending brush, sponge or use your fingertips. The product dries very quickly on your face without resulting in patchiness a which is a big yes for me.

Keep in mind that it only comes in this sun-kissed shade but can be used on all skin types. It is oil and fragrance free. Soleil is a must-have because It has saved my life and it will do the same for your. If you ever wondered how celebrities looked so radiant and bright, this is the key ingredient.

You can purchase it below! Happy Shopping.

XoXo Nina

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