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I look at ShopBop as the place where all designer brands are gathered together and sold to fashionistas likes us. It's a perfect place to find the best styles and get inspired with  unique designs. They carry just about every designer brand you can think of. However, I have few brands that I constantly check to see what's trending with them, what items moved to the sale section and so on. Obsessed much? Oh yes.

Even though ShopBop carries high-end brands, some of their items can sell up to thousands of dollars. When it comes to Shopbop you have to smart shop and by that I mean checking out the SALE section. If anyone knows how to do discounts and sales is, hands-down, ShopBop. It's easy to navigate and find exactly what you are looking for.

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ShopBop Brands

I love every designer that's out there changing the fashion industry. However, I have handful of favorites that I can always rely on having the best styles and best prices. Lucky for me ShopBop carries all of my favorites so the shopping is super fun for me and not so much for my bank account.

Let's check out those favorite brands I was talking about 🙂

Besides the fact that every celebrity and now Meghan Markle has worn Self Portrait dresses, I really like how they use the crochet fabrics to make clothing look rich and beautiful. Also, the colors they use work together so well it's truly inspiring.

My mom loves to shop at Theory and she got me addicted to this brand. I love how they cut and design their products. No matter what you wear, it slips on your body and just works. I really love this brand and the best part is that most of the stuff is affordable, even before it goes on sale.

When I used to have the office jobs, I would only shop at Theory. Like I said, their clothes fit me like a glove.

I fell in love with Sea because of their earthly colors and of course their designs. It is a little expensive for my budget but oh boy! If I see one of these items on sale I snatch it! 🙂

End Note

These three designers I always count on. I love their styles and how it fits my body. Always remember to shop for items that make your body look good and sexy.

Each designer offers different fashion styles. It's up to you which one you like the most. ShopBop is an amazing place to find exactly what you are looking for. Happy shopping fashionistas!

XoXo Nina

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