Akira: Dress Like a Celebrity With Vogue Inspired Styles

It’s time to pack all the winter clothing and bring out the summer styles, well at least in Florida. Akira is the place to shop when you want to dress to impress. This is a Chicago based fashion brand and each of their stores trademark styles reflect on geographical locations.

Each Akira stylists are constantly looking for upcoming trends to keep up with what's hot and not.  Akira's styles can be classified as funky, edgy, street yet elegant. I really love their brand and I want you to love them too!

Inspiration from Celebrities

I get my style inspo from celebrities but the expensive designer brands can really put a dent in your wallet.Finding clothing brands that offer fashion forward styles for affordable prices, this is what Ninko.us is all about. Their selection of clothes really reflects the designer runway shows that we see on TV. I can grantee that Forever21 doesn't carry these types of styles and that is what I always look for.

Not that anything is wrong with Forever21, H&M and the other fashion brand chain styles but sometimes a girl wants to look and feel unique and different. Akira is perfect for that!

Akira Designers

Akira supports over 200 designer brands, ensuring that no one leaves the store empty handed.  Standout brands that I'm personally in love with are Jessica Simpson Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell, For Love and Lemons, BCBG and others, Akira's got them all.

Why do I like Akira so much? Beside the fact that they carry latest lux styles, the team that's behind it works hard to provide best fashion for us. They use our feedback to improvise and understand our needs and wants. I think this is why Akira beat the economic depression by opening up six more stores last year.

End Note

The motto that I live by is “Life’s too short to wear boring clothes”. With Akira you get nothing but exclusive and fun styles. They are so different from what Forever21 or H&M carries and being different is a beautiful thing. Don't get me wrong, those are my two favorite stores but I want to be different and feel unique. Enjoy and have fun with these styles!! Happy shopping:)

XoXo Nina

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