Kate Spade: Loads of Colors and playful designs!


Anything with glitter or sparkles make my eyes become wanderers. Kate Spade always makes the best fashions styles and accessories for women who love fun and colorful things. Let's delve deeper into Kate Spade's brand and why you should own a pair of her shoes, accessories and clothes.

Kate Spade!!

Back in 1993, Kate Brosnahan Spade was a worker at Mademoiselle's as an accessory editor but her passion was to design her own trend using colorful pallets and sleek designs. Fashion is a huge part of making an every day statement of who we are.

This personal statement allows us to express our style, confidence and courageousness. A lot of brands inspire us, women, to take pride of our sense of style - one designers that always comes in mind is KATE SPADE. She has created a brand that has loads of graphic prints, playful designs and loads of colors; This is the hallmark of Kate Spade.


My Order:

I don't think of Kate Spade as a brand but more like a lifestyle. Always bringing pop of color into our lives. I placed an order for shoes and accessories because I thought It was time to update my Spade collection. After spending about 10 minutes in the store, I found exactly what I was looking for. Closed-toed Lydia Jewel pumps with a cute little bow in the front (photo below).

The second item I ordered was a Kate Spade Holland Metallic Silver Watch. It goes well with most of the outfits and brings a little glamour in your life. I seriously love this watch! I'm very happy with my purchase because I know that the brand cares about quality and these babies will last me forever!

Below you can shop some of my favorite items from Kate Spade NY. Happy shopping fashionistas!

XoXo Nina

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