Shein: Shoes you can’t deny, prices you can’t beat!


Every few months I see an Ad on Facebook with these amazing prices and trendy outfits so I clicked - Shein got my attention right away. The prices are so low, it's hard to believe it could be true. My curious self went ahead and placed an order with Shein because I wanted to test it out and see what they were about. Here's how it went.

My Experience:

Overall, my shopping experience has been great with them. For my first order I purchased two shoes, black and clear, with a 1/2 in block heels. It was bold move but I'm a risk taker and I really liked the shoes. I also wanted to test things out and see if there was anything worth sharing with you - and there is.

I was a little nervous getting the shoes because I realized their sizes are in EUR based. In America, I'm a 6 1/2-7, however, with Shein I had to chose EUR37. I was right but I feel like it was pure luck. Watch the measurements because they may vary. On the other hand, the shoes go so well with every outfit I wear and since I am 5"2 (157cm) it gives me the lift that I need to complete my look.

Things to keep in Mind:

I've mentioned before, keep an eye out on their measurements. Pay close attention to their sizing chart and if you don't know, purchase a single item to test it.

FYI: Shein clothes run a little small.

When you like an item, read the page reviews before purchase. You will find real reviews from real people that will tell you if it's worth purchasing; some will even post pictures of the same product.

Don't get scared If shipping takes a little longer. I waited about 8 days for my two shoes to deliver. However, if you are waiting a couple of weeks or more, definitely contact them. You can always purchase the shipping insurance, however, I didn't and my shoes were just fine.

You have to be aware that with these amazing prices, the quality can't be expected to be the greatest. These items are perfect for everyday use. Couple of years and you can throw them out and in couple of years the style will change as well - everybody wins.

End Note:

My next purchase is going to be a swimwear and accessories such as bags and jewelry. Even though there was a mention about the quality of these products, I want to see it with my own eyes what they are talking about. Shein so far is my favorite place to shop under budget. Why not try it for yourself? It's legit.

Tell me about your Shein experience below and shop my shoes 🙂

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