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Fun Facts:

Sam's club is a membership only retail warehouse club. This is a fun fact that I just found out. Sam's club is owned and operated by Walmart. It was first founded by Sam Walton on April 7th, 1983 in Oklahoma. Sam was a very smart entrepreneur that wanted to share his resources to small start-up businesses and make them successful by providing the products and services they required to make their small businesses succeed.

Sam's Club doesn't only help small businesses but also the families that shop there. They have millions of members in more than 600 location across the U.S. Sam's Club doesn't just stock every item in every brand but they stock them according to what members want, like and buy. Also selling products in bulks save money for large families that can't always afford to shop at expensive grocery stores. Don't waste any time and become the member. Shop to save money with Sam's Club.

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