Rebecca Minkoff Julian Backpacks!


Bags are an important item in woman's life. They are constantly attached to our hips, they help us carry things and travel the world with us. You can say that the bags are constant companions and every designer tries to provide the trendy, useful and comfortable set of bags for all parts of our lives. One of my long time favorite designers is Rebecca Minkoff.

Her brand is different from many others. Rebecca Minkoff is centered around partnerships with fashion bloggers - who promote her brand. Her designs speak to consumers directly. Even though you don't know Rebecca Minkoff, shopping her styles feels like you are part of her fashion world. This approach helped the brand build relationships with clients and reach 100 million is sales.

Julian Backpack

I was about to go on a 10 day trip to Europe. Of course I have to travel with style but also with comfort. I hit the web and Rebecca Minkoff's Julian backpack instantly caught my eye.

When it was finally delivered it was love at first sight. Super chick, light and enough space to carry a few things while traveling. Now I really couldn't wait till the trip.  Fast forward -- we finally flew to Italy.  It was so comfortable to travel even my boyfriend started carrying the bag himself. I honestly think he liked it more than I did 🙂

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