On My Radar: Puff Sleeve Tops and Dresses!


If I could buy the world, I would make sure it's full of puffer sleeves and bishop tops. Honestly, it's one of my favorite styles that's popping in the fashion world even today! Trust me when I say this, but puffer tops are not going away anytime soon.

It all started at the 2019 Spring runway show where Marc Jacobs and Mara Hoffman took the trend to a new levels. You can never go wrong with puffy sleeved tops. Whether its in the form of a dress, top or a jacket, this pretty style is perfect for those who want to try something a bit more fun and unique.

Oversized sleeves without a doubt make a statement but remember you can always start small. Don't be hesitant to try this trend. You can style it with pair of simple jeans, skirt or overalls or you can try a puffy sleeved dress with white sneakers or sandals - the sky's the limit.

Need a little inspiration - check out the styles below..

Shein $11
Shein $10
Shein $6
Revolve $138
Reolve $188
Reolve $148
Asos $135
Asos $60
Asos $49
Amazon $22.99
Amazon $16.99
Amazon $24.80

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