Pretty Little Thing

Instagram influencers and celebrities such as Cardi B, The Kardashians and Sophia Richie are the ones who have been raving about PLT's (Pretty Little Thing) styles, so I decided to bite the bullet and place an order myself. I wanted the see what the hype was all about.

If you haven't heard of PLT, it's an UK based fashion retailer. They offer celebrity inspired styles for affordable prices that won't break bank; Now you can look like a celebrity and not go broke.

Keep in mind is that their styles fit every body shape: petite, standard or curvy; They always have something for you to love. PLT has become one of my go-to online shopping stores because I considered it a "trend central" for the fashion lovers. Their must-have pieces always help finish a look and sometimes that could be the key to perfecting your style.

My Order!

I love when I don't have to wait 2 weeks for the shipment to arrive. With PLT, I got my gorgeous top within 5 days ( I did standard shipping). I loved the top the second I laid my eyes on it. The quality, the colors are so fun and sexy. Even though it's a long sleeve, there is no doubt that this top is perfect for Florida lifestyle.  The back is open and material very light and flowy.

This top is very easy to match with different styles of clothes.  I can wear it with high waisted-jeans, shorts or skirts. The possibilities are endless. Here is my look for the day!

End Note:

If you haven't shopped at PLT yet, it's time for you to see for yourself what they are all about. Enjoy a few of my favorite styles below. Happy shopping fashionistas.

XoXo Nina

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