Wait You Need This: Pore Vacuum Cleaner That Works!


I used to work at a med-spa and I know how costly facials can get every month. I started to research home-spa products that will save me money but keep my skin looking great. Instagram was the first place I discovered the pore vacuum cleaner that helped suck all the gunk and blackheads out within seconds.

Too good to be true? Exactly. So I went ahead and purchased one for myself to find out if this thing really works.

How does the pore vacuum help?

It does exactly what it says: it vacuums out your pores. You turn on the device, use the circular tip on your skin ( circular motions) and watch all the gunk and blackheads get sucked out. Pore vacuum can be used daily which can help restore elasticity, decompose melanin, and skin rejuvenation.

There are 4 decked out pore vacuum cleaners that I like. Each one of them perform different duties but they all work.

Amazon $89.99

Pore Vacuum + Microdermabrasion Tool

dermstore $199

Pore Vacuum + Microdermabrasion Tool

Amazon $34.95

Pore Vacuum + Exfoliator

Sephora $99

Pore Extractor + Serum Infuser

Lonove Blackhead Remover Vacuum:

The pore vacuum comes with 4 suction heads and 5 levels of suctioning intensity.

  • Level 1-3 is the best for sensitive or dry skin.
  • Level 3-5 are for neutral skin types.
  • Level 4-5 are for mixed or oily skins.

However, I think that levels 3-5 are the best to get those blackheads out.

Your skin will get red and feel a little weird but it all goes away within few minutes. Prep work is important before using the vacuum. Remember to use the vacuum on a wet or damp skin - It glides better. If you ever had a hydrafacial done it felt a little like that!

You can purchase it below:

Amazon $25.99

The Prep:

Prep work loosens up the debris and dirk you have on your skin.  With some steam (hot shower) or deep washing your face with warm water would do the trick. Keep a small sponge on your side to keep the skin damp.

How To Use It:

This super easy to use the pore vacuum but you have to follow some rules. The instruction warns against using the suction in one place for more than three seconds. You just turn on the device, put the circular tip on your tip and slowly move it. Below is the picture to see exactly how to achieve the best results.


Is it worth it?

I would say yes and no. It really depends on you. If you don't have sensitive skin or rosacea, It's a good tool to have at home.

Is it going to ruin your skin? No. Is it going to improve your skin? No but it will keep it clean and fresh. If you're looking for gentler approach, try these instead:

Sephora $88
Sephora $80
Amazon $24,95
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11 months ago

I used a similar brand recently. A super interesting product. I thought it did just okay at removing black heads.


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