Instax Mini 8 – My Favorite Polaroid Camera!


I can remember the day when Polaroid cameras were becoming popular. Everyone was so shocked that the camera can develop the picture instantly - and that included me. As a child, it was magical to see pictures develop before my eyes.

20 years later we are still loving Polaroid Cameras.

Instax Mini 8 Camera:

Instax Mini 8 is a cool little thing. It is a perfect size to travel with and easy to snap quick photos. Instax Mini 8 wasn't built for work but for fun. This camera bring experiences to life and if you love scrap-booking or bullet journals, this is a perfect device for you.

I love taking this little guy when I go on trips. It is very light and doesn't take much space. It comes with a strap so that its not easy to drop. It comes with light exposure indicator, this way you don't have to worry about the settings. Instax Mini 8 also comes in array of colors to pick from. They literally have every color you can imagine.

To power the camera you need 2AA batteries which is included with the purchase. Keep in mind: You have to purchase your own Fuji Film. The camera doesn't include one unless you buy the bundle deal.  You can buy the individual packs of 20 prints, It all depends on how much you are going to use the camera. The Insta Mini 8 camera prints a card sized photo (60mm). See all the options for Fuji Film.

The Fuji film goes in the back of the camera. A small window shoes that the film is loaded and ready to go and on the lower right hand of the camera is a counter that shows how many shots you have left. The photo will appear in the top of the camera and it will take few minutes to show the photo but longer it takes the better the picture appears.

End Note:

Insta Mini 8 camera is a fun tool to take pictures and have a hard copy within minutes. In addition of being both stylish and fun it requires nothing but pressing the button to enjoy pictures full of memories.  Happy shopping fashionistas!

XoXo Nina

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