Polaroid is Back!!

I can remember the day when Polaroid cameras were becoming popular. The fact that the camera could capture and develop a picture instantly was huge hit. Every household had one including mine. I remember being so fascinated by the fact that I could see the picture come alive before my eyes. I snapped pictures of trees, windows curtains, kitchen utensils, bathroom, toys – you name it. Now 20 years later nothing has changed except for the fact that I capture fashion pieces and not so much of  the kitchen utensils  🙂

Insta Mini 8/Polaroid Pop

When I found out about Insta Mini 8 camera, I was so happy that I had the opportunity to try the modern day equivalent of Polaroid camera . It was like traveling back to my childhood so I had to get it.

There are different types of Polaroid cameras. For example, Polaroid Pop comes with an LCD viewfinder touchscreen to adjust your photos before printing and an ability to take 1080P videos. Cool thing about Polaroid Pop camera is that it has different filters like Instagram or Facebook. The camera works great with lower levels of lights and you can also save your photos on your phone from a companion app. Of course Polaroid Pop is more costly but boy are they fun.

I went on my favorite website Amazon because they are great at giving you choices to choose from and I like choices. Insta Mini cameras comes in so many bright colorful colors that I had hard time choosing one. They come in blue, raspberry, lime yellow, grape, white, pink but my heart was set on the pomegranate red color. It weighs 1.04 pounds so it’s not bad for traveling or just hanging with friends. Easy to carry and looks cute with outfits.

Fuji Film

The camera comes with two AA batteries, however it doesn’t come with a film. You have to buy the Fuji film separately but everything is available through Amazon. I went along and bought a bulk of 50 prints because I snap everything that catches my eye. You can buy the individual packs of 20 prints, It all depends on how much you are going to use the camera. The Insta Mini 8 camera prints a card sized photo (60mm). See all the options for Fuji Film.

With 50 prints I needed an album to put my memories of the places I’ve been and the people I’ve met. Since the photos are so small, regular album won’t do. Amazon has so many albums of different sizes and shapes, you will find the one.

The Fuji film goes in the back of the camera. A small window shoes that the film is loaded and ready to go and on the lower right hand of the camera is a counter that shows how many shots you have left. The photo will appear in the top of the camera and it will take few minutes to show the photo but longer it takes the better the picture appears.

What’s In The Package

The Insta Mini 8 comes with a brightness adjustment dial which is an amazing tool to help you capture a better quality photo. It automatically determines the brightens you need to take a suitable picture by a lighting lamp indicator. You turn the brightness adjustment dial to the indicated marked position and snap away. If you are as clumsy like I am, I suggest buying the camera cover to keep it looking brand new and to help you carry it around with an adjustable shoulder strap. It’s will be a good investment of your money.

End Note

Insta Mini 8 camera is a fun tool to take pictures and have a hard copy within minutes. In addition of being both stylish and fun it requires nothing but pressing the button and BAM!! You have your picture. Less worry about the focusing of the camera and which light setting to use, Insta Mini has got it all set up for you. Now get on Amazon and get this awesome toy.

XoXo Nina

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