Planting my first Bonsai Tree!


I always love doing fun and unusual things around the house when I'm bored. This time I wanted to plant something to decorate my balcony because it needs help. All my neighbors took their time to make their balcony look super cozy and lively while my balcony looks empty and dead. It was time for a change.

I went on Amazon and discovered Bonsai Tree planting kit. The cool thing about this item is that it comes with 4 different Japanese trees to plant and comes with all the necessary tools. I need as much help I can get with decorating my balcony so I went ahead and amazon primed it!

so, Real Quick:

Bon-sai is a Japanese term which means planted in a container. It has been around for thousands of years. Many consider bonsai tree not a plant but a form of art to produce a small tree that mimics the scale of the real tree. One of the oldest bonsai trees can been seen in Tokyo Imperial Palace Bonsai Collection!

Where to buy a bonsai tree?

When people say Amazon prime has everything, they weren't joking. Bonsai Tree kit of 4 - click here was one of the best deals. It comes with everything that you'll need to know how to take care of the trees. It's a perfect DYI gift for someone who enjoys gardening or even for mothers/fathers day fun. It's a perfect starter kit when you don't know what you are doing. With Amazon prime you can have it delivered to your doorstep in 2 days just like I did.

What comes in a bonsai tree kit?

I was so excited to start planting my trees. Once I opened the box I was shocked to discover the tools and every necessary item to help you grow your bonsai tree properly. The box came with:

  • 4 seeds
  • 4 biodegradable growing pot
  • Expanding soil discs
  • Bamboo plant markers
  • 1 bonsai clipper
  • Instruction book

I was ecstatic to start my planting process. However, I have to warn you that the seeds  need to be soaked in warm water for 24-36 hours prior to planting. I've heard bonsai trees are very hard to grow so I wanted to try my best and do it right.

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How to grow and care for a bonsai tree?

The easiest way I'd say would be to buy the kit. If you are really into to planting then I suggest you go with a better quality seeds. Bonsai trees require water, sunlight and fertilization. With this Amazon kit you don't have to worry about fertilizing since the soil already comes with everything the trees need. Pruning is necessary so be ready to spend some time trimming dead branches and cleaning up the small leaves. This kit is the easiest way to plant and grow a bonsai tree because you don't want to know how hard it is to keep up with the real one.

Step 1:

The day before you want to plant the bonsai tree, soak the seeds in warm water (I used a small glass). Leave them in the water for 24-36 hours. Even when the water gets cold don't add hot water - leave it until the next day. All the seeds that float down, are the good seeds.

Step 2:

When it was time to plant, I soaked the soil in the warm water in a plastic container. I left it there for 6-10 minutes. I didn't fill the container all the way but you poured enough water to get the soil soaked.

Step 3:

I picked up handful of the soil ad squeezed all the water out of it and placed in the growing put. Even out the soil and continue squeezing out the rest of the water. Stop when you are about 3/4 of the way Stop.


I added all the seeds that floated down in the glass. I placed them a part so that they have room to grow. I added the remaining soil to the growing pot and placed it outside. Every morning and night I added little bit of water.

End Note

Taking care of Bonsai trees is an artistic hobby and that statement is very true. But the bonsai trees are so magical and hold so much meaning. This is my first time planting and I am not sure how this tree is going to workout but stay tuned. Meanwhile go order your bonsai tree and other fun things that might interest you. It has been a great experience thus far.

XoXo Nina

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