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Hi guys! My name is Nina Jaliashvili and I'm just an ordinary fashionista trying to help out other fashionistas. I'm so honored that you're here. is a lifestyle website about Fashion, Beauty, Travel and Amazon Finds. Ninko is based out of Miami, Florida where the sun shines 365 days out of the year. This website is the testament of my creativity, inspirations and it's cadences live here. Explore exclusively hand picked products that I know will make your life easier and shop the latest fashion trends because that's what fashionistas do. Feel free to comment, ask a questions or simply say hello. Everyone is more than welcome!

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DIY Face Mask Recipe – Covid-19 Skincare Routine!

Growing up I never had issues with pimples but doesn't mean that I haven't had my share of dealing with the little devils. I feel like they just know when to make a big entrance - at the wrong time, at the wrong place. The good thing about DIY homemade...

I did 2 Areas of Botox… So Let’s Talk About It!

Thanks to my horizontal lines and expression wrinkles, the reason why I started using Botox when I turned 26. There are a lot of rumors and misleading ideas about Botox and other injectables. This was my third time getting Botox and each time I'm pleased with my results and the...

I Did Juvederm Lip Filler And This Is What Happened!

It isn't my first time getting my lips done but if it is for you, read this before you make your decision. Kylie Jenner is the ultimate lip filler glow-up and a lot of girls follow her footsteps. For me it was more of an adventure and curiosity to get...

SKIMS Are Taking Over Your Underwear Drawer!

SKIMS Are Taking Over Your Underwear Drawer! Here goes Kim Kardashian building another empire for herself but this time she's gunning for your underwear drawer. Kim is known to wear tight clothes - bodycon or latex dresses, jumpsuits and many uncomfortable looking styles. How does she make herself look so...

Travel to Georgia Part 2: Kakheti The Cradle of Wine Making

Georgians are famous for their hospitality, feasts called "supra", and memorizing views. Kakheti is one of the Georgian regions; located on the eastern side of Tbilisi - between the Caucasus Mountains to the north and Azerbaijan to the south. It's about 2 hour drive from Tbilisi depending on traffic. The...

3 best things to do on a layover in Istanbul: 6+ hr layover!

This past September I went to visit my country, Georgia with my family. We took Turkish Airways and had a 6 hour layover in Istanbul. Instead of sitting in the airport we decided to go and explore the beautiful city of Istanbul. lt's about an hour drive so make sure...

Travel to Republic of Georgia: Top 5 things to do in Tbilisi!

The Republic of Georgia, my homeland has been hiding under the radar far too long. It's a place of mystery, intrigue and eclectic architecture. Since it was founded in the 5th century, it has been rebuild 29 times since then.The people of Georgia are very dedicated and devoted people. I've...

Miami Design District: Dior Pop-Up Cafe!

Dior Pop-Up Cafe - Miami Design District Dior Pop-up cafe in Miami is the place to be and be seen if you like the mix of food and fashion. Located in the heart of Miami Design District, this posh cafe Dior is inside the Christian Dior boutique on the third...
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