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Not everyone has the gorgeous million dollar view so how do we create the same look under budget? It's super easy but it does take a lot of searching to find exactly what you are looking for. Especially now that it's the Summer season, the bright blue skies and the humid, hot air is luring us to spend more time outside.

If you are planning to entertain, dine or simply lounge in your backyard, the first step is to rethink the space you are going to use. Do you have a lot of space to work with? Do you have a pool? Things like that. Before you make any decision it's a good idea to spend a few days thinking about what exactly you want to accomplish in this project.

Creating the Luxurious Outside!

If you have a fenced in backyard - planting trees and flowers tend to make the backyard feel more homey and cozy. It's a better choice to plant trees, bushes or simply flowers alongside the fence. You can also add colorful flowers such as Bougainvilleas for more color. Below are some plants that might help you fill in the empty space in your yard.

Fence and Flower Beds!

To add a little decorating you can also created a flower stone bed. It makes the yard look finished and professional. For example, my parent's recently have added the flower stone bed and it has completely changed the look of the yard.

Just An Idea.
Just An Idea.
Just An Idea!
Just An Idea!


If you love hosting parties and events at your house, It would be a smart decision to buy the furniture that has a lot more seating room. If it's just you and your family, you can pull of just about anything.

Here are some ideas that I thought I'd share with you!


Sam's Club:

Pier 1:

Table Set!

It all depends on how much space you have but I really love outdoor table set. It's a great way to gather family members and have memorable dinners. Here are some ideas for you to check out.


Sam's Club:

Pier 1:

Patio Lights!

Patio lights are so awesome if you do it the right way. It makes everything look super inviting and fun. Every single friend and family that owns a house has a patio lights.

These patio lights below will transform any dull backyard into your own escape.


Beautiful Halo:

Pier 1:


End Note:

I hope this will help you make the hard decisions that you have to make. Always remember that you should go into redecorating with a game plan - sometimes things get overwhelming. Happy shopping fashionistas!

XoXo Nina


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