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OOFY is my resent discovery and totally surprising one too! The word OOFY comes from a British word that means "money, rich, or wealthy". While their products are not on the expensive side, they sure are well made with Italian leather and unrivaled style. Their sharp designs are the reason they are the top retailers of height shoes. Let's check out their flawless and luxury shoes.


OOFY is created by a single man who lived in Toronto - I feel like I'm writing a fairy tail story lol. Anyway, at the time when OOFY was brewing as an idea, he noticed something very quickly: every time he wore shoes that gave him a little height, he was getting more attention from women, more respect around the office and he felt good about himself.

Another thing that he noticed was, his friends specifically took their time to find the higher heeled shoes - that's when the idea of OOFY became the real business deal. He knew that there were other men that desired height shoes and he wasn't alone in this so he created his first prototype.

He wore the prototype to test if the height made a difference in how people were treated him and it did. He felt like a changed man! What's so special about his designs is that, no one could tell that he was wearing the height shoes.

Today, OOFY shoemakers searches for finest quality leathers to create the fashion forward styles for men. Their goal is to help increase the height along with your confidence. If you are a style conscious man - shop OOFY and truly understand the art and design of wearing the quality footwear.

OOFY Shoes

Some people don't agree with wearing height shoes because they think it's the false advertisement of yourself. I think it's bull because we don't have a choice about how we look - so if this is something that makes you feel confident I say go for it. These stylish shoes give men height up to 2.75 in (7cm) and no one can tell that you are wearing the elevator shoes.

It's like us wearing Victoria Secret Bombshell bra's. I don't think it's fair to tell me that I can't wear the push-up bra, that makes me feel good about my appearance, because I'm false advertising. Do what makes you happy and makes you feel good. This is the motto that I'm sticking with.

OOFY fashion shoes are well crafted and designed to never show that you are wearing height shoes.The build up of support is inside the shoe and they are completely invisible.  These are few of Ninko's favorites:

End Note:

Looking at these shoes, can you really tell a difference from a normal shoes to these?! No I don't think so because they are so well crafted and OOFY shoe makers know exactly what they are doing - making a lot of men happy!

A quick fun fact: Did you know that 90% of company CEO's are above average height?! In our society, height matters - It's not fair but it's the truth. You can eliminate any of your height insecurities by clicking the shoes you like and purchasing them. Honestly, I'm in love with OOFY's formal and casual shoes styles. Happy shopping!!

XoXo Nina

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