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Nasty Gal's  do it better - and it is so true. This fashion powerhouse is one of my favorite places to shop. Founded 10 years ago in LA by Sophia Amoruso. She has created a brand for gals that are confident in themselves! When I first looked at their website I was attracted to their branding. No matter how hard I try, I found myself constantly looking for their newest, trendiest and unique items.

Nasty Gal is constantly doing sales and discounts to make us keep coming back and I have no issue with that.

My Order:

Since it's always sunny in sunny Florida, I was on a mission to buy a hat that I could use with different outfits. I really liked the black Fedora hat and the price that matched it. The hat is comfortable, super chic and goes with a lot of my outfits. When you are smart shopping, it's all about finding a fashion piece that will match most of your outfits in your closet.

Not only accessories but Nasty Gal's shoe collection is one of my favorite categories to shop. Shipping was super quick and cheap so if you haven't tried Nasty Gal, place an order today and see it for yourself. Don't miss a chance on looking like a celebrity under budget (no one has to know) Happy shopping fashionistas!!!

XoXo Nina

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