Nasty Gal and their empire of skirts

Girls love skirts and skirts love when we style them up with cute tops, shoes and jewelry, making the whole outfit chic and fun. When I wear skirts, it makes me get in touch with my famine self and have fun with it.

Nasty Gal has is not only known for their stylish skirts but for their dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories. Even though some of the items are on the pricey side, trust me their styles are something you should definitely save up to own. I love their youthful outfits that make you feel young and wild 🙂

Nasty Skirts

You can come up with lots of fashion forward looks when you are working with skirts. I think they are the easiest to style. Skirts can go great with simple t-shirts, bodysuits or blouses. F0r example, a black skirt can go with literally everything that you have in your closet. Colorful skirts are a little challenging to style but I'll share my tips on styling printed skirts.

The secret to choosing the perfect top to a colorful skirt is to: First notice the colors of the skirt and second, determine which color is used more in the design and go from there. It's that easy.

All high end designers use leather, laced, or printed skirts to finish their design look and sometimes they pull of styles that will inspire you as a fashionista! Things you thought would never work together, now do.

I chose some of the styles that I definitely see it being part of my wardrobe:) Nasty Gal has pages and pages of skirts that you can choose from.

Other Styles

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