NA-KD: Swedish Fashion Boutique For The Ladies!

This article is about my NA-KD, a Swedish brand. Click the logo and discover unique and excquisite styles for affordable prices 🙂 Click the logo and explore!!

XoXo Nina

This article is a little different from others that I've written. This is my recent discovery in the fashion blogging world. NA-KD has captured my attention with fashion-forward and fabulous styles. They are up and coming in the American market but they are already popular in Europe.

Na-Kd is a Swedish based brand, founded by an entrepreneur Jarno Vanhatapio in 2015. From the beginning, their target group was women who were always looking for stylish yet affordable clothes. After two years of promoting the brand, it has become one of the most quoted online fashion brands in Sweden and Germany. After Ikea and ABBA, NA-KD is definitely the next hottest thing out of Sweden.

I decided to write about NA-KD because I wanted to let my fashionistas be the first to know about it. Another reason why I liked NA-KD is that they carry my favorite designer brands such as Love & Lemons, Calvin Klein, and Ray-Ban.

Honestly, sometimes I want to go out in the world wearing the hottest and trendy pieces of clothing. Something that you can't find at a department store, however, what's stopping me from doing that?! The PRICE TAG.

You know it, I know it and every other woman knows it that to come across unique and fashionable styles are hard without emptying out your wallet. This is why I love NA-KD and glad that I've found a spot where I can find my exclusive styles that my budget can afford.

NA-KD has a team of skilled and experienced individuals who have been in the fashion industry more than 13 years and still are eager to help the fashionistas who are looking for fashion-forward pieces and outfits.

The whole reason of NA-KD was to research what customers are looking for when shopping online and what were the demands. They put their heads together and created NA-KD. The team behind the brand live and breath fashion - which makes me comfortable to trust and shop with them!

Here are some of my favorite pieces but there is a lot more to explore!

End Note:

Undeniably, NA-KD is brand that every fashionable chic wants to know about it and shop. It's is a perfect place for excellent styles and desires for everyone who loves fashion can enjoy it.  Click around and find your fashion style with NA-KD 🙂

XoXo Nina

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