If you are addicted to vintage, retro or indie styled fashion, Modcloth is the best website for you. Modcloth style will leave you feeling confident, stunning and 100 percent you.

Modcloth came to existences when Susan Gregg Koger, the founder, started to sell vintage pieces that she could no longer fit in her closet.  Her boyfriend and now her husband, Eric Koger, assisted her with creating the website hoping that Susan would manage her closet better.

Who knew that 15 years later Modcloth would become one of the top independent fashion brands netting millions of dollars per year. Going from packaging their products in their basement with a part time employee to a 450 employees across  San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Pittsburgh offices. I would call that a success story.

Why is Modcloth so special?

They have created a diverse community by bringing non models and regular customers to defy their brand.  Their devoted and dedicated employees have help Modcloth progress in the fashion world. So we thank you guys for your hard work.

  1. Many high end brands use models that are 6" tall with a killer body that makes you want to buy the product.  Other brands botch and Photoshop models so much that it changes the models complete look. Modcloth has signed an Anti-Photoshop pledge bill that avoids retouching the photos of the models.
  2. Modcloth pledged that they will "do their best not to change the shape, size, proportion, color, and remove or enhance the physical features of the people in their ads in post production". This was a special victory for the activists behind the Truth In Advertising Act bill.
  3. Plus sizes are same as other sizes. There should be no category for the plus size community - we are all the same people in different bodies. Modcloth got it right when it came to plus size clothing by listing their sizes from XS to 4X and using fabrics such as Cotton. With all these amazing additions they have doubled their vendors  from 35 to 160. This is huge for plus size community!
  4. Real women have flaws, curves and wrinkles but they come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Modcloth seeks women that are confident and have a specific look and rejecting traditional agency models. They have had success in finding models who were stunning and powerful on and off the camera.

So here are few of my favorites from Modcloth!! Happy shopping.


End Note:

Enjoy these fresh and chic styles from Modcloth! There is so much more to explore so don't be shy -click away and shop the hottest trend!!

XoXo Nina

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