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Fun Facts:

Modcloth was created in 2002 by Susan Gregg Koger, in the summer between High school and College. Why? Simple, she loved fashion but none of the leading brands made her feel good and confident in their products that she was purchasing. So she wanted to create something that customers will feel  powerful, bold and confident in their own body and clothes they wear. I adore her for the confidence and helping women feel beautiful and fashion forward if they already don't.

It started in her dorm room with the help of her then boyfriend and now husband Eric Kroger. It started out as a simple online shop of things that Susan could not fit in her closet to a $100,000 millions in sales. When they first started, they employed a student part-time to help with packaging and shipping and not they have more than 400 employees across San Francisco.

If you truly love vintage and thrift types of clothing, this is the spot for you. Happy Shopping my fashionistas!


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