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XoXo Nina

Michael Kors is one of the greatest fashion houses. His brand is known for making trendiest and fashion forward handbags and watches. If you don't have a Michael Kors bags or watches you at least know one person that does. The Kors women have an uptown Manhattan vibe and they can always count on him to dress them for any occasion. This Long Island native has began his label in 1981 after he graduated FIT and slowly made a name for what it is today.

Michael Kors Products

Every third woman these days has a Michael Kors clothing, handbags or watches. He is the one who seized the mid-market prices and invented the attainable luxury. Many have mentioned that "Kors success lies in his refusal to be a snob".

When it comes to their customers, their goal is to win them with experiences. He is interested in people and their needs. The company trains their sale associates to deliver personal styles and make the customers feel like Michael himself dressed them.

Michael Kors once stated that he "always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a women's outfit. Now, with my jewelry collection, I can deliver the full spectrum of the Michael Kors vision for a truly fabulous look".  These items are seasons must haves I hope you will love them as much as I do so let's explore more of Kors' fashion world.

End Note:

The reason I love Michael Kors so much is because his prices are fair. I look at it as him having two lines - affordable one and the high-end collection designs. He has a keen eye for fashion and designs which makes him one of the most successful fashion designers.

XoXo Nina

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anna la parola

wow…the shoes are amazing! i loved the first one, brown and green!

Lyric Simone
Lyric Simone

I really loved this post. I love Michael Kors!!