Miami: Places To See & Be Seen!

Any place you visit in Miami offers new and exclusive experiences. I swear the cities fashion and art industry grows faster than the grass in my backyard. With dozens of shops, boutiques, galleries and restaurants I've rounded up the best spots to see and be seen in Miami.

Miami Design District is where you find most influencers and fashion forward crowd. When you stroll the beautiful streets of the Miami Design District you will find the fashion luxury brands such as Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci, Dior, Fendi, Givenchy etc. Honestly, you don't come to Miami for shopping but for a full immersion into art, fashion and culture. This creative neighborhood will inspire and amaze you at each corner so let's dive in to my favorite spots in Miami.

Miami Design District

140 NE 39th Street

If you have few hours to spare, I suggest strolling through Miami Design District and checking out latest fashion trends and Instagram worthy spots. Within the district shops, you'll find the iconic artwork by Buckminster Fuller, the Fly's Eye Dome. He has only produced three of the prototypes and Miami Design District creator Craig Robins acquired one of the prototypes in 2011.

The dome was installed in front of Sou Fujimoto's shopping center and is connected to an underground car park.

Dior Cafe

162 NE 39th Street

While you're checking out the Fly's Eye Dome, you should visit Dior Cafe which is located 10ft away from the dome. Depends how busy they are, the wait time isn't bad (30min max). Dior Cafe designs change as quickly as seasons so it's always interesting to go back and see the new styles. The space is decorated with luscious greenery and sleek furniture and printed animal statues.

The seated table service features a selected menu of coffee, teas, assorted fruits and other sweets. You must try their signature Dior Cappuccino - It is out of this world. Even though the prices are expensive, you're paying for the experience which in my opinion is totally worth it.

Chotto Matte

1666 Lenox Ave - parking is very easy in this area.

Chotto Matte restaurant serves Nikkei cuisine, a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian flavors. It was my birthday weekend and I wanted to go somewhere fancy and delicious. After googling the venue, I saw they had unique interior style and there was a lot of fuss about this joint - so we went. While we waited, I couldn't stop admiring the surroundings. A giant rock in the middle of the restaurant looking up at the sky. Beautiful cherry blossom trees covering the front entrance. And don't let me forget about the bathrooms - a collage of mirrors with HD lighting and graffiti walls covering the top to the bottom. A great place to really enjoy relaxing Miami vibe.

Chotto Matte Miami

Aubi & Ramsa - 21+ Ice Cream

172 NE 41st Street - Best Parking is Paradise Plaza Garage

Ok! This was new to me but holy crap was this a great Miami experience. I was having lunch with my mom at Okami restaurant when I noticed a family of 5 walked into the ice-cream store and parents were the only ones that walked out with an ice-cream. I told my mom about it and we went to investigate.  Aubi & Ramsa 21+ Ice Cream store is a Miami-Based brand of premium wines and spirit infused ice-creams. The decor, the ice-cream and the host that served us was all a five star experience. Who doesn't love a mixture of sweets and alcohol in an ice-cream. I got a Piña-Colada rum ice-cream but there are so many other options. The ice-creams are pre-made in a cute little container, the host uses a special tool to pop it open and you are ready to get tipsy. Talk about Instagram worthy spots in Miami - I took advantage and snapped pictures for myself. Go check this place out NOW.

Española Way

1103 Biscayne Blvd

It's like taking a journey back in time - an old, charming Espańola Way is in the heart of South Beach. Percieved as a 'historic Spanish village' was designed to resemble romantic villages of Spain and France. You will know when you reach Espanola way because of its unique buildings and narrow streets which is quaint and intimate. On this block you will find array of restaurants, including Mexican, Cuban, Japanese and Italian. You can start by checking out Havana 1957 restaurant, which samples famous Cuban cuisine. This is a place where you want to spend your afternoons if not evenings.

Espanola Way

Pérez Art Museum Miami

Espańola Way, Miami Beach 33139

My art lovers, this is a 'must' place for you. The Pérez Art Museum has been one of the city's most popular modern art destinations. Beautiful views and great Miami vibe. Tickets can go anywhere from $12-16 and before getting lost download the PAMM app, which offers a deeper look into what's on display rather than taking 30min art talk tours. If you get hungry, you can check out Verde, a waterfront restaurant with both indoor and outdoor seating. I took my mom here for Mother's Day and she absolutely loved it.  It's a perfect place to spend with friends or family.

Perez Art Museum
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