Copy Kim Kardashian’s styles with these trendy looks!

We all know Kim Kardashian is known for her fabulous styles and make-up tricks. She really knows how to put together outfits and sometimes they are weird but they work. Lately her style has been all about bike shorts, sports bras and sweatpants. I have found the perfect place to shop for these styles - also super affordable.

Let me introduce you to my favorite store This is an Australian brand that offers chic, stylish and trendy styles. Obviously celebrity inspired since half of their clothes look like Kim Kardashian's wardrobe. When you think about Meshki clothes think about " LA It girl styles - Kylie, Gigi, Kendall, Kim and Bella".

If you look their designs you will soon see that Meshki is all about neutral, earth tones, which is my favorite. Meshki's girl is "empowered, confident and fashion savvy". Let's check out their inspired clothing line!

Shop The Story:

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Carly Ann
1 year ago

Always needed style inspiration. This has given me a push to make a shift in what a wear x

Evelyn Hernandez
1 year ago

Love the outfits!

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