Beauty 101: Best Med Spa & Wellness Center In Fort Lauderdale


Did you know that the largest organ in our body is our skin?! Yes, and it's important to take care of it for short and long term reasons. A good daily skin routine is necessary if you want to maintain the glowing and youthful look, however every once in a while you need to leave it up to the professionals to work their magic.

Facials are the key ingredient for your overall skin care and benefits are absolute. If you think about how many appointments you make at the dentists office, hair salons or even the gym, you should really focus some of that energy on your skin and taking care of it. Always remember that the healthy skin begins with skin care.

Med Spa Vs. Regular Spa

A medical spa, also called med spa, offers more of a complete range of services than a day spa. While customers can get facials, messages and other treatments, med spa also offers similar procedures that are performed at the doctors office. Med spa is the perfect hybrid between luxury day spa and a medical clinic.

Many people dislike the stressful atmosphere at the doctor's offices and some have anxiety making appointments or waiting in the crowded rooms. The medical spa's have that ambiance that will uplift your spirits. You will be amazed how much of the aura and the environment can affect your mindset.

Benefits of Med Spa

People tend to get scared when they hear the word "medical" but there is nothing to worry about. In fact, medical spas tend to give your more restful and fulfilling experiences than medical clinics.

Every medical spa is equipped with healthcare providers who have the knowledge and are certified to use cutting edge technologies while providing restful and relaxing environment. With comfort in mind and furnished with proper tools, medical spas are the perfect way to heal and nourish yourself.

I love taking care of my skin but finding the right professional was hard until I discovered Millennium Med Spa. I usually want someone who can understand my skin and help me conclude a proper treatment for it. Millenium Wellness and Med Spa has really changed the way my skin and body feels because they understand women and the needs and the upkeep we need.

Millenium Wellness Med Spa is owned by Zhanna Zitsbank who has been doing this for over 20 years!! Her experience and expertise is what you need when you are experiencing a medical issue or just getting a simple facial. When I asked her "after all these years doing the same thing, do you ever get tired from it?!" Her answer was sweet and simple "Never, I love what I do and what I do is make women feel beautiful".

Zhanna Zitsbank
Zhanna Zitsbank

Why is Millenium Med Spa Special?!

Environment - which is a big deal breaker for me! Millenium's aura is very welcoming and uplifting. Everything is neat and clean which tells me that they care for this place, therefore they will care for me.

I've had experiences where employee lie to you to get sales instead of establishing a relationship with the customer. At Millenium med spa you can grantee that the specialist will give you an honest opinion about the treatments, your skin and future improvements. I feel like I am getting my moneys worth when I book my monthly facials with them.

The staff is so friendly and easy going. You really feel like you are hanging out with your girlfriends getting beautified.

This is why Millenium Med Spa will keep you coming back for more, more and more!!


You can create payment and budget plans

Experienced Staff

Licensed medical staff with years of experience

Quick Treatment

30 minute treatments during your lunch break!

Services They offer!

What Does Millenium Wellness and Med Spa offer?! The perfect answer to that would be everything you need for your body, mind and soul 🙂

Monday - Saturday

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