10 ways to make your perfume last longer…all night longer!

Why does the scent of a perfume last only few hours? The answer is pretty simple and it's not the perfumes fault but how we apply it. Don't stress because I compiled a list of 10 easy perfume hacks to help you stay smelling yummy and good 24/7.

Tip #1: Vaseline

Oh yes!! When you are ready to start your day, rub Vaseline on your pulse points and then spray the perfume. It will make the smell last longer because of the ointments holds the scent longer on your skin.

Tip #2: After a Shower

When you get out of the shower use your perfume right after. It is known that the moisture can lock the scent in and that's exactly what you want.

Tip #3: Hair Brush

I have sprayed perfume in my hair before not realizing that the alcohol based fragrances will dry out your hair. Instead you can spray it directly on your brush before using it. This way your hair will smell good and stay healthy.

Tip #4: Hair Fragrance

If you are still not sure about using perfume in your hair, you can buy a hair fragrance that is only designed for your hair to make it smell better. I get why you'd want to keep your hair fresh between washes - stinky hair sucks.


Tip #5: Ears

Don't forget those little guys. It sounds weird but it works. The oils that your skin produces holds the scent the longest. Those points are: top of your ears and behind your earlobes.

Tip #6: Rubbing of Wrists

Womp womp womp. This one was hard to believe for me because I've done this too many times. Didn't realize that the scent disappears faster if you rub your wrists together. Instead spray the perfume and let it dry naturally.

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Tip #7: The Target Points

So what are the target points that you should be looking for. The target points are the warmest areas that will help diffuse the scent across the entire body. The target points are:

  • Your neck
  • Your wrists
  • Inside your elbows
  • behind your knees

Tip #8: Makeup Wipe

If you don't like to smell of your perfume or something you used, the makeup wipes are miracle workers to get rid of a scent. It always works.

Tip #9: Don't Mist, Spritz

Okay so how many of you sprayed the perfume in the air and walked through it? You are literally wasting all of your product. Instead spray it on your target points and call it a day.

Tip #10: Spray It on Your Clothes

Not just your body but spritz on your clothes too. Fibers are great with holding scents for hours, even after you wash it. At least I've been doing something right 🙂



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