LuMee Duo Cell Phone Case

If you like taking selfies as much as I do, keep an eye out for this breakout brand that will make your selfie life improved and upgraded. Introducing the LuMee Duo cell phone case. I already owned the previous LuMee case however this DUO is the trend setter. I guess selfie heaven does exists.

Kardashian Approved

I found this product through watching Kardashian-Jenner clan take abundance of selfies on social media using LuMee case. Everyone knows that their selfie game is on point. Before this phone case, for me to capture a perfect moment it took me 2 hours and hundreds of shots to find that sublime picture I was looking for. After using this product, my life has become distressed and full of happy selfies.

What is LuMee?

LuMee was developed by a professional photographer to have a studio quality fonts. This brand is perfect for women because they understand the struggles of cellphone cameras and the quality of the photos. LuMEe case has LED lights hooked up in the front and in the back, nonetheless, I use this case to light my way at night when I take my dog for a walk.

I know that the amount of selfies I take I will definitely drain the batteries, so they have linked us up with a long lasting rechargeable batteries, now we don’t ever have to stop taking pics. I wonder how does my boyfriend feel about this feature?!


I will admit that in the span of 15 years, I have broken every single phone one way or another. Well my worries were put to rest after I found out that LuMee is drop resistant and easily handled phone case. It makes every picture look super lit! It gives you freedom to capture any moments you want and I capture important and fun moments all the time.

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    The negatives that the phone case has is that the front lights get very dirty and it is hard to remove the dirt which causes to have an orangeish glare to the photo. I’ve had issues with accidentally pressing the light button which if you don’t notice could kill your batteries. The last thing that I found a irritating about this phone case is that it is difficult to remove the case from the phone. I usually use a nail clipper to do the job, however, if these negative are not a deal breaker than I suggest to buy LuMee Duo phone case.

    Let LuMee Duo helps your stylish self shine bright like a diamond!!

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