LuMee Duo Cell Phone Case – Selfies never looked this good!

Ok so let's just cut to the chase - we know (as girls) we love taking selfies and posting it on social media to share it with the rest of the world. Selfies are perfect during the day but what do you do when you go out with your gf's during night time?! The pictures are grainy and we usually don't know who is who. Those worries are over after I tell you about this amazing LuMee Duo cell phone case that gives you amazing photos just by give you the perfect light. I am telling you this is it!

Amazon: LuMee Duo Phone Case

Kardashian Approved

The first time I've ever learned about LuMee is through watching Kardashian-Jenner clan take abundance of selfies on social media using LuMee case. Kim Kardashian is known for her selfies so I decided to give it a shot. One of the best purchases I've ever made.

My LuMee Case
My LuMee Case

What is LuMee?

LuMee was developed by a professional photographer to have a studio quality fonts. This brand is perfect for women because they understand the struggles of cellphone cameras and the quality of the photos. LuMEe case has LED lights hooked up in the front and in the back, nonetheless, I use this case to light my way at night when I take my dog for a walk - it's that bright!

I know that the amount of selfies I take I will definitely drain the batteries, so they have linked us up with a long lasting rechargeable batteries, now we don’t ever have to stop taking pics. I wonder how does my boyfriend feel about this feature?!


I think every girl has an issue with dropping phones and breaking every single phone case ever purchased. Yeah! guilty as charged. When I purchased my first LuMee, I was actually very worried about breaking this case the same way the rest of them did. Especially it has LED lights in the front and back,  I started to think "this baby will last me a week or so!". Well, It's been 6 months and still counting.

Wondering how many times I've dropped it? More than I can count and most of them were on concrete.


The only downside that I could find with this phone case is that I've had issues with accidentally pressing the front light button. If you don't notice that the light is on, it will drain the batteries and you won't have any more cute selfies to take. Just kidding!

I was at the movies when I accidentally turned the LuMee light on and there went my eyesight for 10 minutes. All I could see was white. However, this phone case does wonderful job in the darker rooms.

So don't hasitate to try it. You can purchase it right here: Amazon LuMee Duo Phone Case

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