Louis Vuitton’s New Trend

Louis Vuitton is setting a new trend by ending the Paris fashion show with a history lesson. The inspiration came from the evolution of the Louvre, going from fortress, to royal place to today’s most popular museum. Nicolas Ghesquiére talked about how he incorporated the costume looking pieces into our everyday wardrobe and I love the idea.

Louis Vuitton Fashion Show

Louis Vuitton floral frock coat dipped in rich metallic lace with embroiled leather worn over a silky sporty style was a hit outfit. The vibe Nicolas wanted to create was dressy meets sporty and I think he met the standards. Looking back at the fashion show, the quality and the details that this costumes entail gives the outfit that wealthy look. It’s something that I have not seen any other designer create such contrast.

It is safe to say that the Louis Vuitton fashion show brought Marie Antoinette’s wardrobe to life with sexy twists her and there. Keep in mind that this beautiful, prosperous, and trendsetting style comes with a nice price tag as well. One thing you should know about me is that if I truly love something, i will find a way to get it or find something similar. So I did my investigating and found something pretty cool.

Akira Got It

My favorite websites that never lets me down has similar products- Akira’s got my back!! I found some of the similar products that I think you guys will enjoy. One thing you have to realize is that, designer or no designer clothing pieces can look tacky if you overdo the look.

End Note

It is not possible to find similar products that won’t cost you your savings, but it is time consuming. Since you have me, I can do the work for you. Hope this was helpful my little fashionistas.

XoXo Nina

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