How Laser Hair Removal Helped My Ingrown Hairs!


I've always had very thick hair and that has given me so many issues in my life I can't even begin. My biggiest issue is my legs and the ingrown hairs. I, literally, look like I haven't shaved my legs for a minute. I live in Florida where we were nothing buts shorts and bikinis - and my legs have really given me anxiety about how I look. Until I started using Laser Hair Removal. Here is my story.

How I got hooked!

I wanted to share my story because there could be a few of you out there that has the same issues as me so I want to help and share my story.

I started working at a spa where they had Laser Hair Removal. I told the technician about my legs and my unpleasant issue. She right away took me to the laser room and zapped me away. It hurt a little since the ingrown hairs are longer and tend to stay under the skin (that's why you should always shave).

After my first treatment and the results I got from it is worth sharing. I was so happy that I've found a solution.

FYI: I do my treatments every 4 weeks since the ingrown hairs tend to grow a little faster for me. After the first treatment, I hardly shaved but at the end of the 4th week, the hairs start to grow back again. Don't worry when it does because you'll only see the full results after 6 sessions. Ask your laser tech the best option for you.

Before and After 1 treatmet
Before and After 1 treatmet

How does Hair Removal Work!

Laser hair removal is the easiest way to remove unwanted hair anywhere on your body. The best results you see on clients that have darker or thicker hair. The blond and the red hair doesn’t do as well because the melanin is too little for the light to absorb.

What is Melanin?

How does your body determine what color hair you are going to have?! It is up to the two type of melanin that our body produces: Eumelanin and pheomelanin. More eumelanin you have the darker your hair will be - if less eumelanin, the lighter it will be.

When you are doing a treatment of laser removal a concentrated beam of LED light is aimed on the area you are targeting. The light is absorbed by the pigment and zaps the future growth of the hair from the root and never damages the skin surrounding the area.

It's not painful at all. The feeling can be described as a light pinch on your skin or a rubber band constantly snapping on you body. It all depends on your pain level.

Side Effects!

Most side effects are minimal and temporary. However, I wanted to share some of those mild effects that we see in our clients:

  • Skin irritation
  • Temporary Discomfort
  • Redness
  • Mild change in skin color

Remember NO SUN! You don't want burn marks on your body.

You can always buy the numbing cream here:

Amazon $22.95

How long does each treatment take?!

Laser hair removal machines usually make a pulse like sound. Don't be scared when you hear a little sounds - it is completely normal. It is also capable of treating large amounts of hairs at the same time.

Chin/Cheeks/Unibrow/forehead/Upper Lip/Ears/Sideburns – 3-5 min

Underarms/Bikini Line/Forearms/Shoulders/Neck/Full Brazilian/Full Face - 10-15 min

Full arms/Chest/Full Buttocks/Full Legs/Lower Back/Upper Back/Full Back – 20-25 min

Laser Hair Removal Machines!

Laser hair removal has been around for quite some time. Since every medical spa does it, the price of the treatments have drastically changed and so did the laser machines. Candela GentlePro  is one of the best machines used for hair removal today. It comes with two lasers in one. Their names are Alex and Yag and they are best suited for a specific skin type. I use Yag on me. since I am so sensitive, and people like my mom use Alex.

Recently I've tried Alex and results are even better. Watch the video Below!!

End Note:

There are other ways to remove hair: shaving (so old school), waxing (hurts a lot) and your best friend laser removal. It's important to add the laser hair removal to your beauty routine and make your life easier. I have nothing but great things to say about this treatment and I hope I have convinced you enough for you to go ahead and try it.

XoXo Nina

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