” Once I Went Coconut, I Never Went Back”

Have you guys heard of Kopari beauty skincare brand?! Well this is something you should definitely check out. This Hawaiian based skincare line has all the natural ingredients that helps your skin get back to it’s own natural self. After trying so many products I gave Kopari a shot and the results were amazing. It gives the skin that natural shine and glow.

Kopari Bio

Kiana, the brand owner, was raised in Bona Fide beach in Honolulu, Hawaii. While visit her pro- surfer dad in Kauai, her boredom turned into experimenting and creating her own skin and hair products. All of them were made out of wild coconuts, awapuhi ginger flower, papaya, and aloe vera.

After high school she got into University of San Diego and further down the line she started to pursue integrative health and Nutrition at NYC’s Natural Gourmet Institute. She became a certified organic chef. That is such an awesome achievement.

She has shared an important secret with us, at least I think so. Kiana stated that coconut oil is the best ingredient know to woman. This super food can be cooked, drank, eaten, scrubbed, etc. Coconut oil makes your skin glowy, healthy, hydrated, radiant, and smooth. Wonder why? Its the fatty acids that coconut oil contains and of course Vitamin E.

Kopari brand is perfect for women because Kiana cares about what you put on your skin and how you take care of it. “Everything is absorbed through bloodstream” she has stated and “once I went coconut I never went back”. There are too many toxins in traditional hair and skin products, going organic is the way to go.



  • Use 100% pure organic coconut oil from the Philippines
  • All the products are made with natural, safe ingredients
  • No sulfates, silicones, parabens, GMO’s are used

When I find the skincare brand that I like, I start with cleansing oil, got to start somewhere right? This specific coconut cleaning oils targets all the dirt, makeup and bacteria’s that are on your face. This face cleaner doesn’t clog up the pores but hydrates and softens the skin.

All the products listed below Ninko’s picks – so give it a try and share your story 🙂

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