How to decorate your dinner table!

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Ok my little decorators, I have found a home decor heaven and it's called Century21. In my household everyone understand that I am not a much of a cook but I love decorating the tabled and if im being honest I do my whole house as well. Always looking forward to big holiday dinners such as Christmas and Easter because you can never over decorate but you can definitely under decorate. Since it's all up to me I am always on a look out for fun, unique and quality home accessories to share with my family and friends.

Century21 is a place where you can decorate every single room in your house without damaging your wallets.This department store first opened in Downtown Manhattan in 1961 and it became one of New York's retail icons due to great prices and amazing sales on designer brands. Century 21 carries so many cool Kitchen accessories, art pieces, figurines, accents and many eye catching items. They also carry fashion designer brands that I often keep an eye on, just in case a great sale pops up.

Below I have compiled my favorite pieces that I think will really help you make your house feel more like a home. It's never too late to start impressing your family with your decor skills.

XoXo Nina

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