My Top Favorite Kitchen Accessories!!

I have to admit I'm not a good cook but I do like quality kitchen accessories - to look at! I've been looking for ways to spice up my kitchen but haven't been lucky finding something that I couldn't resist, until I discovered Century 21. A place where you can decorate every single room in your house without damaging your wallets.

This department store first opened in Downtown Manhattan in 1961 and it became one of New York's retail icons due to great prices and amazing sales on designer brands. Century 21 carries so many cool Kitchen accessories, art pieces, figurines, accents and many eye catching items.

I have compiled my favorite pieces that I think will really help you make your house feel more like a home.

Century 21

Century21 has been the leading retail shop for 50 years. They bring designer brands at an amazing prices. Amazing enough to have everything up to 65% off the retail price. You seriously can't beat their prices.

That's not all. Did you know that Century 21 also offers discounts on women's, men's and children's clothing brands?! Yes. You can shop for your family while renovating your house. The brands they carry are Polo, Rachel Roy, Boutique Moschino, Karl Lagerfeld and many more.

So let's explore a little so you can see why I'm so crazy about Century21.

Below are some of my favorite picks of the kitchen, home, and clothing department. I chose those items because if you are looking for something unique and different like I am, you are exactly where you suppose to be 🙂

Kitchen Accessories

I hope you understand why I can't stop shopping the kitchen department. However, if you still not impressed let's see what we have in the home section!!


I seriously love the art and unique figurines they have. If you like traditional, contemporary, or casual theme, Century 21 has everything you'll need to perfect your home. They have perfected their clients wants and needs. If you know what you are looking for just passing through, their unique choice of products will keep you coming back.

Here are some items that I picked out so give you a little taste of what they offer.


While shopping for home items, for some reason I end up in the women's clothing section. I don't know how this happens but it does. However, I have to say they have exactly what I'm looking for and maybe that's the reason after all:) When it comes to me and designer brands, I love to look and search for reasonable discounts or sales and Century21 offers me just that. I have to get it - and you will too 🙂

End Note:

Enjoy shopping with Century 21. They really know how to take care of their customers needs and wants. Shop the rest of the products and amazing deals before someone else does 🙂 Happy Shopping Fashionistas!

XoXo Nina

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