Kim Kardashian’s Skims Are Taking Over!


Here goes Kim Kardashian building another empire for herself but this time she's gunning for your underwear drawer. Kim is known to wear tight clothes - bodycon or latex dresses, jumpsuits and many uncomfortable items. How does she do it?!

If you watched the Kardashian show, we know that Kim and her sisters are very much into working out but she's also a huge fan of shapewear - a big reason why she started her own Skims line. Compared to other shapewear brands, Skims is more diverse in colors and sizes and fans are loving it ( 9 shades of color coming in XXS - 5X with 31 cup sizes).

“I used to have to dye my shapewear with tea bags in the sink to get the right shade of nude that would blend into my skin " - Kardashian West.

For example, I've never seen a shapewear offer a one sided piece designed to wear with a thigh-high slit dress or a skirt. Since she wear all sorts of styles, she knows what women really need. One thing that made me happy was the body tape. The material is soft and stretchy but enough to give you the hold you need. Kim Kardashian used to use the gaffer's tape that would tear off her skin when she removed it. She used that experience to create something better.

"I would create my own shapewear all the time to be my solutions for things. I feel like I’ve been designing shapewear for 15 years.” - Kardashian West

Body Tape + Pastie $48

Another styling solution she added to her collection are the pasties that will match any skin tone. They are soft, and comfortable to wear. The teardrop shape gives the boob the mini lift effect but not as hardcore as the tape. Now we know how she always has the perfect cleavage in every photo. Make sure not to wear any lotion or oils before putting on the tape or the pasties.

Skims are in crazy-high demand since they launched. As you can see in the photo below, most of her shapewear is sold out. You can get on a pre-order list but I have an easier way to get your hands on some Skims.

Kim Kardashian has launched Skims collection at 25 Nordstrom store nationwide and to the brands first retail partnership, now it's much easier to shop for Skims. Who knows who else is going to partner up with the brand but time will tell. Here are my favorite and popular pieces, grab them before they sell out. Happy shopping fashionistas!

Ladies, now you can get a Valentine's Day Collection in a beautiful dusky pink.

Sculpting Seamless Bodysuit


Holds in your core, lifts your butt and supports your chest.

Sculpting Seamless Mid Shorts


Sculpt your body's natural shape.

Waist Trainer


Hourglass silhouette with the waist trainer.

Sculpting Mid Waist Briefs


Sculpt your body in midd-rise shaping briefs.

Solution Short #1


Sculpting solution to high-slit dresses or skirts.

Fits Everybody T-String Thong


Invisibility of a thong while retaining the breathability of quick-dry fabric.

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