SKIMS Are Taking Over Your Underwear Drawer!


Here goes Kim Kardashian building another empire for herself but this time she's gunning for your underwear drawer. Kim is known to wear tight clothes - bodycon or latex dresses, jumpsuits and many uncomfortable looking styles. How does she make herself look so perfect?!

If you watched the Kardashian show, we know that Kim is a huge fan of shape wear - a big reason why she started her own Skims line. Compared to other shape wear brands, Skims is more diverse in colors and sizes and fans are loving it ( 9 shades of color coming in XXS - 5X with 31 cup sizes).

“I used to have to dye my shape wear with tea bags in the sink to get the right shade of nude that would blend into my skin " - Kardashian West.

Reason to love Skims

The material is soft and stretchy but doesn't make your body look weird when wearing it. Kim Kardashians shape wear is unique in style. For example, she designs shape wears that can be worn with styles that barely cover your body. Since Kim wears most extravagant fashion styles, it's important to have great shape wear supporting your look.

Kim knows what women need. She has been there and has done that. Kim made a statement about how she used to use the gaffer's tape that would tear off her skin when she removed it and hated the process every time. However, she used those experience to create something better.

"I would create my own shape wear all the time to be my solutions for things. I feel like I’ve been designing shape wear for 15 years.” - Kardashian West



Kim Kardashian has added another new collection to her Skim brand and it's laungewear - but the stylish type of loungewear. The cozy collection is fashion savvy yet so comfortable and snug. Especially going into the fall/winter season, it would be a perfect gift for you or your loved ones. When it comes to her snugs, they do run a little expensive but if you really want something comfortable to wear, I would suggest purchasing it.

Cotton Rib

Sorry boys but we are taking over the boxer looks. It is no longer just for men but more brands are promoting the unisex style into their loungewear collections. Not going to lie, I was skeptical at first when I saw the rib boxers but I do have to say I did warm up to the idea. She has also launched cotton rib bodysuits that hug your body shape well. Shop the looks below:

Velour Hoodie & Joggers

This style reminds me of 2007 Juicy Couture jogger set trend- when the whole world was under Juicy Couture spell. Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton were the queens and I want to say the starters of the viral trend. Today, Kim presents us with more updated and modern version of the trend.

Skims Clothing

Kim Kardashian has yet opened up another collection and it's Skims clothing. Here you will find all styles of mesh bodysuits, tops, dresses, leggings, boyfriend t-shirts and more.

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