Katy Perry & Her Shoe Line

This article is about my favorite singer and designer Katy Perry and her shoe collection! Wish to view more of her designs - click the logo and explore!!

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Expanding her career and digging into the fashion world, this American singer and songwriter has done it all. Yes! I am talking about Katy Perry. She has privately been courting her shoe passion and it was long time coming. She has been a successful entrepreneur with her fragrance and the make-up line but her passion for shoes has always been there.

Katy Perry's shoe collection is the reflection of her colorful and bold self. Perry’s way of playing with designs and colors is inspiring and perfect for Miami’s funky vibes.

Perry Collection

Katy Perry footwear collection consists of 40 shoes styles ranging from sandals, pumps, sneakers and stilettos with extra twists and turns. This is Kate Perry’s first project in the fashion industry and she is already killing the game. In her interview with Peoples magazine she stating that “fashion is a way to express yourself” and she is right. As I tell my fashionistas to find your style that speaks about who you are.

I have picked out few of my favorites shoes that I thought would stand out anywhere you go because being unique is so much more fun 🙂

Vibrant and Colorful Style

Perry’s is a bubbly, fun and color fanatic designer. Her loud and vibrant view of style is transferred into her brand. She has also stated that “It has been a creative goal of mine to be a real contributor in the affordable fashion space”.

Her shoe prices range from $50-$200 dollars which. Katy Perry’s eye for detail is easily seen transferred in her brand and it’s nice to see someone create unique shoe line and make it affordable for us.

Amazon is the best way to get her shoes because they have them all!! I can already feel the pressure of choosing the right shoes because all of them are up my alley and I want them ALL 🙂

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