Kate Spade and the Amazon Account:)

If you are a fan of Kate Spade and you also have an Amazon account, get to shopping now! Last night, I was fun shopping on Amazon and it hit me that Kate Spade is part of Amazon clienteles. If you ever feel down and want to brighten up your day, Kate Spade will do that for you.

Born in Kansas City, Missouri Kate Spade launched her handbag brand in 1993 and the company has been the part of the fashion world ever since. It was the boxy, sleek styled handbag that was designed to go with everything starting with casual jean style to an evening dress. This vintage purse made the brand know throughout the fashion world and soon after it branched out to ready to wear, home goods and electronics brand line as we’ve seen and know today.

Kate Spade’s designs can be described as splashy, bejeweled and fun. It is a perfect Miami style and trend. Here, the skies are so blue and the ocean is so green, you have nothing but colors surrounding you. Kate Spade will add even more to the colorful life that Miami natives live so you better join the club.

Phone Case

My phone is my life but I can’t tell you how many time I have broken it. In high school it has gotten to the point where my mom wouldn’t fix it anymore lol 🙂 and putting on the phone case wasn’t cool. As I grew older and realized the headaches and money it has cost me, I don’t leave the house without the case. However, that doesn’t mean that i can’t change it up every month and this is where my dear Mrs. Spade and Amazon come together to help their biggest fan out.

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It’s not always about the phone cases when it comes to Kate Spade. I love her jewelry, clothing and home line. All her products screams GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS Take a look at some of the clothing and jewelry pieces I picked out:

Clothing Pieces

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Jewelry Pieces

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Also make your home a fun and shimmering spot to chill and have friends over. Here are some home decors from Kate Spade

Hope you have found something you like. Don’t be shy to brighten up the dark gloomy days.

XoXo Nina

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