I did 2 Areas of Botox… So Let’s Talk About It!

Thanks to my horizontal lines and expression wrinkles, the reason why I started using Botox when I turned 26. There are a lot of rumors and misleading ideas about Botox and other injectables. This was my third time getting Botox and each time I'm pleased with my results and the experience. So There are few things you should know about Botox before you start calling and making appointments for your forehead.

What is Botox?

Botox - aka Botulinum Toxin works as a shield between the brain and the muscle. When your brain tells your muscle to move, Botox blocks the nerve signals to the muscle and keeps the muscle still. Botox is the most popular non-surgical treatment for combating wrinkles and fine lines. However, not a lot of people are aware that Botox also helps with chronic migraines and excessive sweating. Since Botox is known to relax the muscles, a lot of medical patients use it to feel better.

Benefits of Botox:

  • Treatment for Bells Palsy
  • Stop excessive sweating
  • Reduce Migraine Pain
  • Treat Drooping Brow
  • Stop eye twitch

Dysport is another type of botulinum toxin injection. It's very similar to Botox but Dysport may not last quite as long as Botox. For me it lasted about 3 months and when I started feeling my muscle movements I switched to Botox. You also need more Dysport to get the same results as Botox.

50 units of Dysport = 20 units of Botox

However, your doctor will tell you which product will benefit you the most.

3 Areas of Botox

There are many areas that people use Botox injections but the 3 most common areas are:

  1. Glabella is referred to the two lines between the eyebrows. Every time you frown, those two lines get deeper.
  2. The forehead aka frown lines is the most common out of the three. The reason being because the forehead muscles are constantly being used.
  3. Crow's feet refers to the lines that form at the corners of your eyes. If suns is getting in your eyes you usually squint. That squints give you the crow's feet lines.

The Cost

Botox isn't a cheap procedure but it sure is a quick one. The price will depend on the doctor that you choose but they usually range between $200 - $600. Most medical spa's do specials on holidays so make sure you sign-up for their mailing or text messaging list.

My Experience

I go to Ageless Medical, where I feel safe and happy with Erin. She's the owner of the spa and national trainer for Botox and Juvederm. She is my go-to since the day she touched my skin with a needle and didn't feel a thing - painless.

However, I always get the medical grade (20%) numbing cream. Every medical facility will provide you with one. This numbing cream starts working within 5 minutes of applying it - so it's some strong s**t. While the numbing magic was happening, Erin and I talked about the areas I wanted to target which were the glabella and the forehead ( 2 areas).

She whipped out the cutest little needle (pic below) and started injecting. Didn't feel a thing since the needle is so small and i was numbed the f**k out - just how I like it. Even though you're numbed, you might feel the little pinch in your skin but there is not pain involved with this procedure.

Botoxo Needle 30G
Botoxo Needle 30G

I will say after she was done, I had bumpy, raised skin from the areas she injected which is totally normal. It went down within few minutes (pic below). I could feel my forehead freezing minute by minute. I would say by the time I paid and left the forehead movement was minimal. That's when you know you got the good stuff.

Minutes After Injection
Minutes After Injection

I go to Ageless Medical facility in Cooper city - map below - and I'm always happy with the service and results I get. Worth giving them a call and scheduling a consultation. Trust me you won't be disappointed in Erin.

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