DIY: My Home Tanning Routine During COVID Quarantine

DIY Self Tanning

I used to be a heavy sunbather before this whole quarantine thing started. Growing up in sunny south Florida, the hottest place in the entire world, the sun becomes your best friend. Laying by the pool or getting scorched on the beach, I lived for those days. Now I have a full time job and a blog to run, leaving me with no time to spare for the sun. My skin tone doesn't know or care that I have not time so I started experimenting with DIY self tanning products.

Today, self tanners and bronzers are part of my weekly routine. I love achieving the sun kissed glow with only 3 products from Amazon that are affordable and actually work. No more tanning salons and wasting money every month. I saved a lot by doing it myself at home. So here are my secret tanning products that make me look as natural as the real suntan.

Prep Before The Tan

If it's your first time trying DIY self-tanning, I suggest you do it over the weekend just in case you don't look the right color or something goes wrong - you never know:) So here are my tips on how to properly prepare for self-tanning.

  1. First you have to shower and make sure you deeply exfoliate. Remove as much dirt and dead skin particles as possible so that the tan stick better and looks even.
  2. You have shave all the necessary areas such as under the arms, legs and thighs.
  3. It's important to equally spread the mousse on your body. You want avoid looking unevenly toned and to do so you can use the tanning mitten which makes a big difference.
  4. Bathroom is the best place to self tan. I usually get in the shower and do everything there.
  5. Bring a little fan in the bathroom. Right after I apply it, I stand for few minutes in front of it to help me dry the application quicker.
  6. I have a designated silky or loose clothing that I wear to go about my day.

I give it a day before I shower because I want to be as tan as possible. You'll see that as the hours go by you'll be getting tanner and tanner.

A quick note: If you don't like tanning your face and want to go for a natural tone. Use Jergins Natural Face Glow SPF 20 daily. You will see results within a week.

Before & After

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DIY Self Tanning
Before Applying Tanner
DIY Self Tanning
10+ Minutes After Applying Tanner
DIY Self Tanning
6+ Hours After Applying Tanner

After The Tan

The tan showers are called the "3 second showers" because that's what you have to do. You don't want to remove everything you just put on so for that reason you have to be in and out of there asap. When you are rinsing, do not use a scrub or anything harsh. I quickly run my hands to get the unwanted layer off and finish it off with my moisturizer.

When you are drying off, don't rub the towel on your skin but dab it. Using harsh movements on your skin will remove the tanning solution so be gentle. Right after I'm done drying off, I use the Jergins Firming Daily Moisturizer. I use it daily to keep the tan and moisturized look going. When it comes to my face, I use Jergens Natural Face Glow with SPF 20. Every morning after I wash my face, I apply the Face Glow and let it sit for 15 minutes until dry.

This DIY tanning routine works for me and I think it will work for you. It's affordable and you have nothing to lose. Let me know if you try it and your results t in the comments below!


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