How to save money on Amazon!!

Before you start clicking other articles and start shopping for clothing items or furniture pieces, don’t forget to visit Amazon’s coupon site where they offer every day living discounts. Starting from paper towels and ending it with double AA batteries, they have everything for comfortable living.

Everyone knows that Amazon is the largest online retailer that sells products either from their own distributors or other partners in the market. Using Amazon coupons is a great way to get extra discounts on items and save money.

Smart Shopping

Each item on the coupon section has different discounts. It works just like if you were to cut out an actual coupon from the newspapers except with Amazon you click the button that says ” clip Coupon” and it will automatically add to your account and the discount will be applied at the checkout.

Amazon also offers a “Subscribe & Save” service which can be considered as a time saver. It’s simple: you find an product or an item that you use regularly, “subscribe” to it on Amazon and it is delivered on time each month. Great to use for diapers, paper towels, cleaning supplies etc. Subscribe and save is a way to help you remember not to run out of anything important.

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Amazon Gold Box

Amazon has another great service to offer to their loyal customers. Amazon Gold Box is where you can find limited deals that have an end date. They have categories such as “Today’s Deals”, “Savings and Sales” and much more. I personally use Gold Box when they have a great discounts on electronics and they often do. To save $100 dollars on Alexa, yeah I would definitely take the deal.

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Amazon’s Used Books

I know College can be expensive not only paying the tuition but also buying books that you will use for 4 months. Amazon is a great place to find good deals on books. They also offer online book codes that you need mostly for math classes. I used to hate getting them because each code can cost up to $150 dollars. I was always baffled about the fact that students that are working under budget can afford so much expenses.

Amazon makes it easy for students to search for their textbooks and shows price ranges starting from new to used books. Like i hae mention earlier, each semester in college is about 4 months. Buying books for each semester can leave you in a big college debt. Amazon also offers renting options.  They give a time limit on the book, after you are done with the class, you simply send the book back to Amazon.

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End Note

Amazon is great with taking care of their own customers. Offering household, electronics and clothing discounts that are constantly updating is a pretty cool way to keep your customer happy. Amazon even allows you to email yourself those coupons that you clipped and saved. There is so many ways you can save money on Amazon starting with these tips and tricks I mention earlier. Choices are endless and so are their discounts so get going and discover new way to smart shop on Amazon.

XoXo Nina

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